Women's sunglasses face matching method

u003cbru003eSunglasses are not only a good tool to block sunlight, but also one of the decorative items to enhance personal charm. Whether you are a handsome man or a beautiful woman, they like to wear a pair of suitable sunglasses to dress themselves up at the time and occasions, especially this autumn when the sun is mild but always contains a lot of ultraviolet rays, and it is the best season for sunglasses to sell well. So, what color is the best choice for sunglasses? As a trendy girl, how do you choose sunglasses that suit your face? What color is the best choice for sunglasses? When fashion girls choose sunglasses, the choice of color is as important as the style. According to the shade of color, sunglasses can be divided into dark sunglasses and light sunglasses. Dark-colored sunglasses can block the damage of strong sunlight to the eyes, and at the same time prevent glare and other visual effects. They are suitable for girls who go out in summer, such as dark green, black, brown, dark purple, etc.; while light-colored sunglasses are It is more inclined to block ultraviolet rays, and the lighter color can pass a lot of visible light while blocking ultraviolet rays. It is suitable for girls to dress up and play cool when traveling in the wild, such as light green, light gray, light purple, light pink, etc. How to match the sunglasses with the face shape? Many girls are depressed because they don't have a natural oval face. In fact, the face shape is not something we can choose, but we can make the face shape more perfect through some face-modifying sunglasses. Let me give you an analysis of how the beauty of several face shapes can be modified with sunglasses. Chinese character face: Because the facial contour is too hard, it is necessary to use streamlined or round sunglasses to soften the facial contour and increase the length of the face to achieve a beautiful effect; long face: because the face is longer, you need to wear a round or deep contour Sunglasses, to shorten the length of the face and increase the width of the face; round face: round face people can increase the length of the face by wearing sunglasses with obvious contours to make the face look more symmetrical; oval face: the beautiful eyebrows of the oval face When choosing sunglasses, you need to choose a frame that is wider than your face to maintain the ratio of the sunglasses to the face; inverted triangle face: This face can choose sunglasses with thin frames, and the color of the sunglasses is better to choose light-colored sunglasses to make the face shape It looks more balanced; melon-seeded face: this type of face is lucky, because any style of sunglasses can well decorate its face and greatly enhance its overall charm. The above is the relevant information about the face matching method of women's sunglasses. If you want to know more about the method of choosing women's sunglasses, please click to consult our online customer service.
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