Yaxin Technology and Jimmy Orange jointly launch high-end sunglasses ordering service

u003cbru003eJuly is ushering in the dog days. Are you short-sighted enough of the dazzling light and rigid myopia? Are you tired of the sun’s dazzling eyes and the fuzzy world? Then take a look at these high-end sunglasses! She has durable frames and versatile colors to solve your myopia problem indoors, allowing you to travel without fear of solar radiation. You can also send laser fonts to share with your loved ones or friends. JO uses professional lens synthesis technology and good optician services to create cost-effective myopia sunglasses. JO lens adopts inner tempering, anti-fouling protective film and TAC anti-impact strengthening layer, which fully guarantees a high degree of safety and comfort for all-day wear. You can customize your own text on the glasses, breakthrough laser and mimeograph capabilities, you can express your feelings for family, friends or attitude to life as you like. There is no 'revolutionThe picture comes from the Internet, if you need to delete it, please contact kaity@yichao.cn Related reading: Sunglasses lens
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