12 constellations after losing their glasses (for girls)


After the 12 constellations lose their glasses...what funny things will happen? Follow the editor to look down! Today we are going to talk about girls, let’s take a look at each of the 12 constellations after losing glasses Kind of reaction! Takekawa Kino Z1610 Unisex Glasses Frame C1 Black 1. Aries (ARIES) After the glasses are lost from March 22nd to April 20th-hide your embarrassment and become an active Aries girl: I don’t care. Now, find someone to help me find it, sir... Oh, sorry, it's Miss. Can you help me find glasses? What? Are you a husband? Don't go, help me find them. 2. Taurus (TAURUS) April 20th ~ May 20th after the glasses are lost-the industrious nature makes her docile and thunderous. Taurus girl: My glasses are very expensive! I have to spend money again, must To maintain my own virtues of diligence and thrift, I have to get my glasses back quickly, hello! You guys, all give this lady and I stay away. The boy stands on the left, the girl stands on the right, his feet can’t touch the ground... Haha! 3. Gemini (GEMINI) May 21st~June 21st After the glasses are lost-super cheerful and have fun Gemini girl: just buy it again , And it’s fun to have a look at it. I don’t know if I’m from Persia because of this. 4. Cancer (CANCER) June 22 ~ July 22 after the loss of glasses-hurt so innocent Cancer girl: Oh my God! What to do? Never bring contact lenses out in the future, do you want to go on a date? ? You will be laughed at when you look embarrassed. 5. Leo (LEO) July 23 ~ August 22 after the glasses are lost-buy another pair to enjoy the queen treatment Leo girl: Without contact lenses, how can I see other people's admiring eyes? Dressed so beautifully, now he looks like a Persian cat. Humph, let's buy another one. 6. Virgo (VIRGO) August 23 ~ September 22 after the glasses are lost-care about keeping a perfect record Virgo girl: How come the glasses are gone? Never crowd people here in the future. It’s a waste of time. I’m going to be late now. It’s okay for my date, but it’s not good to have one eye and one color. Let’s take it off first. 7. Libra (LIBRA) September 23 ~ October 22 after the glasses are lost-just give up and go home to sleep Libra girl: wearing only one glasses is really tasteless, there is no sense of beauty at all. Miss, I’m not playing today, I’m going home to sleep! 8. Scorpio (SCORPIO) October 23 ~ November 21 After the glasses are lost-hysterical first, Scorpio girl: Who? Who? Who is it? Mine? I must be endless with you, you have to pay me. Has anyone seen someone hit me? Don't cover him, or you'll be unlucky. I definitely have an account to calculate. 9. Sagittarius (SAGITTARIUS) November 22 ~ December 21 after the glasses are lost-whatever happens, OK Sagittarius girl: The glasses are gone, it’s okay, anyway, I don’t know how it feels to be a Persian cat. Just right! Haha... 10. Capricorn (CAPRICORN) December 22 ~ January 19 after the glasses are lost-remember the lesson and don't commit it next time. Capricorn girl: I really shouldn't go out at this time, crowded to death, and lost a pair of glasses. It's not worth the loss. We must remember this lesson, this road cannot be approached in the future. 11. AQUARIUS January 20 ~ February 18 Aquarius girl: Wow! It turns out that the world without glasses is like this. Isn't the handsome guy in front of the neighbor's house? He looks like a frog. Hahaha... It was an eye-opener. 12. Pisces (PISCES) February 19th ~ March 20th after the glasses are lost-the first Pisces girl of tenderness: Ah! My poor glasses! I have been with me for less than 7 days, just like this I'm drowning in the crowd, so heartache! The handsome guy who just bumped me has something urgent, otherwise he wouldn't be so reckless. Forgive him. Related reading: glasses frame glasses
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