4 male stars teach you how to wear sunglasses


Although there have been floods in many places recently, the weather in Hangzhou is still too hot to breathe, and Daddy Sun is always accompanied. When I go to work in the morning, whether I am driving or biking, I can't open my eyes without wearing sunglasses. But there are also rules for matching sunglasses. Sometimes wearing the wrong sunglasses looks like Ah Bing! In order to make you more handsome and fashionable, the editor listed four male stars to teach you how to wear sunglasses. The first Zac Efron: a square face and a long face are more suitable for a round frame. For Zac Efron, everyone is no stranger. Zac, who is famous for High School Musical, is not only restricted to muscular men, In addition, he is a typical square face, so if you have a square face, you need to wear round sunglasses, which can not only modify the face, but also conform to the structure of the face and show a sense of fashion. Second Leonardo Dicaprio: Fat face and avoid wearing round frames. For our little plum Leonardo Dicaprio, who was struggling and finally won the Oscar winner, the Oscar-winning stalk has passed, and now its biggest stalk is the bloated body. The fat and round face, coupled with the less obvious chin, makes the whole face rounder. At this time, he was very smart to choose square sunglasses and angled styles, which not only made the face look longer and more Thin and narrow, it also makes him look less bloated, but I still want to say: Little plum, don't let yourself fall! You used to be a beautiful man! The third Tom Hiddleston: oval face avoid the slender frame Tom Hiddleston These sunglasses have become the focus of the world recently. As for why? I just collided with Taylor Swift and sparked love. Not only that! The legs of the two combined can be said to be close to Yao Ming’s daughter, slender. The legs and the goose-like face make Dou Sen sit on the nickname of a beautiful man, no wonder Taylor likes him. Although the goose egg face is called a wild face, it can look good with any frame, but! Try to avoid the slender frame, because the slender frame will make the face longer and form a strange feeling. Fourth place Taylor Lautner: Inverted triangle face with big-frame glasses Taylor Lautner sunglasses The same Taylor Lautner is famous for its sturdy body, its pointed chin and the inverted triangle face formed by the cheekbones even moved countless people. The handsome facial features and the inverted triangle face make Lautner look even more handsome with sunglasses. The problem of wide forehead and cheekbones can be covered with large-rim glasses. Not only can it cover up the shortcomings, but it can also show the lower part of the inverted triangle, making the face more delicate. Related reading: sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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