5 matching strategies for sunglasses


Although sunglasses can provide shade and sun protection and can modify the face shape, if you want to have a celebrity style and a big bowl of fashion, you still need to master certain sunglasses matching strategies. However, different shapes of sunglasses show different styles and have different levels of modification. How should we match them? 1. Sharp-angled sunglasses YC9705 general-purpose sunglasses C2 matte black/colorful blue sunglasses with tough and clear outlines It can easily make you different. But be aware that people with sharp facial lines are not suitable for this type of sunglasses. It makes people look too strong. Many people think that such sunglasses must be matched with a cool and neutral outfit such as motorcycle jackets, but in fact, choosing the right color can also match a feminine look. 2. Retro round frame sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's sunglasses 001/68 gold Many people think round frame sunglasses are too dramatic, in fact, choosing the size that suits your face can also be very fashionable. This type of sunglasses is very suitable for people with obvious facial lines, and it is also the easiest artifact to create a slap face. Round-frame sunglasses are suitable for literary and refreshing, and of course casual wear is no problem. 3. Retro classic half-frame sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3016 Men's sunglasses 1145/19 As a big fan in the sunglasses industry, Ray-Ban has produced many classic sunglasses, and the classic half-frame sunglasses are very popular with young girls. This shape of sunglasses is suitable for people with obvious facial lines. The retro style can cater to this season's retro craze. The half-frame design gives this sunglasses a unique position and makes it more diverse to wear. 4. Women who wear cat-eye sunglasses with cat-eye sunglasses are full of self-confidence, which is like magic. The shape of this kind of sunglasses is very sexy, of course, you can also create a playful dress according to the different matching. 5. ‘Aviator’ sunglasses have come out with endless calls, this is a classic among classics. If you are looking for the same style with celebrities, almost all celebrities have such a sunglasses. These retro sunglasses from the 90s are like little black dresses, no matter what they match, you can't go wrong. Of course, I am used to matching these sunglasses when I wear them casually, which will make the look more fashionable and not sloppy. The above is the matching strategy of 5 sunglasses. If you want to know more sunglasses matching skills, please see the following related recommendations: (links) European and American star sunglasses have a set of hairstyles and sunglasses to match with a coup. Matching and deductive trend related reading: the choice of sunglasses
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