5 Swarovski noble and elegant sunglasses not to be missed


Swarovski, a legend in the crystal world, from inspiration concept to series launch, its creative process is unique and effective. By focusing on trend planning, design and brand promotion strategies, Swarovski creates a fascinating story for each product. Among them, sunglasses are a model, and Swarovski has integrated the brand's over 120 years of exquisite craftsmanship. Let's take a look at 5 Swarovski noble and elegant sunglasses that should not be missed! Recommended reading: The trend of fashion sunglasses in 2016. The frame and arms of these glasses are like carefully carved crystal-like cut surfaces. Showcasing self-confident charm, Amazing is designed for trendies who advocate avant-garde style. Injected plastic frame and arms, CR 39 (Base 6/600 inward curvature) lens, sun protection level: high (level 2). These sunglasses have a unique personality, cat-eye shaped sunglasses, front frame inlaid with sparkling crystals, shining with a soft and unique brilliance. In addition, the mirror arms are decorated with two neat-line imitation crystals, which show the exquisite charm. These Fortune sunglasses are exquisite and elegant cat-eye shape, with drop-shaped and dot-shaped imitation crystal inlays, which can add magnificent brilliance to casual or eye-catching styles. The work uses a combination of acetate and metal frames and arms, and is decorated with a pair of CR39B6 gradient smoked lenses. These Fifi sunglasses combine fashionable and charming cat-eye shapes, as well as simple and neat, exquisite and elegant lines, which can instantly inject exquisite charm into casual or eye-catching styles. These darling reptilian sunglasses are designed with a sexy oval frame, which is both gorgeous and vivid with reptile or leopard print silver and bright crystals. The above are 5 tall sunglasses from Swarovski. If you want to know more about sunglasses brand information, please continue to pay attention! Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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