6 ways to fix myopia sunglasses to frame intractable diseases


The midsummer is so dignified that it followed the beat of May, and the shining sun spared no effort to test the beings who love beauty and are outdoors. Everyone can’t wait to looted the sunglasses in the optical shop, but finally found a group of hard-pressed people who were rejected again and again because of them: nearsightedness! Myopia is not a sin. Our optical shops have often chosen myopic sunglasses for them. , There is also a sense of coolness, and delivery is fast. But: They are not only short-sighted! They are also picky! Either one can't get the sight of the Dharma, or that one can't match it at all. Personalized customization of myopic sunglasses for myopic people, Mingyue Pedi has opened up a piece of business for you: myopic sunglasses to be processed. Specializing in all kinds of picky, all kinds of intractable diseases. 1. High luminosity myopia sunglasses for hyperopia, high myopia, and high astigmatism, need to be upgraded to be a garage lens. Luminosity range: +3.00~-8.00/-4.00; Order order rule: lens base curve + combined luminosity ≤ 1200 degrees super high luminosity Tips for lens selection: base curve ≤ 400 curve, small frame. 2. The refractive index of the current lens of high refractive index myopia sunglasses can only meet the conventional requirements. Low refractive index and slightly higher power will cause thicker lenses and greatly compromised aesthetics. Mingyue Pedi’s garage provides: 1.552 spherical surface, 1.56 super-tough spherical surface, 1.60 spherical surface, and 1.67 spherical surface. The refractive index is selected appropriately, so even if the combined luminosity reaches 1000 degrees, the effect is beautiful. 3. Polarized myopic sunglasses For driving, fishing, golf and myopic people, the sunglasses must be polarized drops, which can make the field of vision clear and natural, and make the scenery look soft and not glaring. Mingyue Pedi uses polarized film imported from Japan, which has longer service life and good filtering effect; it is not easy to crack under high temperature conditions. Optional refractive index: 1.552 Optional polarizing color: full color polarized light-full gray polarized light, full tea polarized light, full green polarized light, colorful polarized light-orange colorful polarized light, full blue colorful polarized light, ice blue colorful polarized light, smoke purple colorful polarized light, Cyan and green colorful polarized light, orange red colorful polarized light, silver white colorful polarized light 4. Progressive color myopia sunglasses If you only think that colorful mercury film is a pandemic, then you are out. Crossing classics and youth, integrating fashion and individuality, it is the gradual color that everyone loves and flowers bloom. It is not difficult for us to leave a snack to find that more than 50% of the sunglasses that are popular and best-selling in recent years are in progressive colors. Isn’t it spicy? How to play the progressive color card? The principle of progressive color is to dye it to show the effect of upper and lower shades, making the lens color richer, and the whole person looks refreshing and low-key. For the progressive color of the original sunglasses, or the progressive color of astigmatism, the professional customization capabilities of Mingyue Depot can be matched without worry. Optional progressive colors: progressive gray, progressive brown, progressive green, progressive wine red, progressive purple, progressive red, progressive ruby u200bu200bred 5. Dyeing myopic sunglasses according to the sample. Each company's myopic sunglasses color palette is limited, the same color series , There will be slight differences between different companies. There is no shortage of demanding consumers, hoping to achieve the same color as the original film. At this time, you need to choose: dye by sample. Optional sample dyeing range: full dyeing, progressive dyeing, not optional sample dyeing range: colorful, polarized 6. The beauty of thinning myopia sunglasses shop customization process advantage also lies in the ability to thin the middle and high luminosity lenses. The free-form surface equipment automatically converts the beautiful and thin area, and the high and beautiful thinness can reach 50%. At the same time, it effectively reduces the blind area of u200bu200bthe field of vision, making it beautiful, light and comfortable to wear. The center shift is aimed at the problem of small interpupillary distance and the inability to assemble the large frame. Combined with the size of the frame, the optical center of the lens can be moved through the customized form of the garage, so as to achieve the effect of assembly without affecting the optical performance. Therefore, when we encounter an order with a small interpupillary distance and the size of the frame is not enough for assembly, the powerful center shift function customized by Mingyue Depot can alleviate the above concerns. It has long been a general trend to upgrade from sunglasses to myopic sunglasses, but when we actually operate, we will face various inoperable situations. When the film and the current film cannot be solved, we must rely on the professional strength of the car shop. Di, a professional solution provider for myopia sunglasses, is so easy to frame and process myopia sunglasses. Those who have customized solutions for myopic sunglasses in the garage have the world. These 6 tips are enough for you to have fun this summer and become a strong market owner of myopia sunglasses! Related reading: Polarized myopia sunglasses
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