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u003cbru003eIf there are 'representative products' in each era, I think this group of people can be defined as 'high-key appearance, low-key basically nonexistentThey are the representative product of this era-glasses madman! Today is such a madman, a post-90s generation, who is also a cutting-edge fashion stylist, street photographer, and fashion blogger. The city is the champion of the street shooting contest. In 2016, she served as the styling director of the magazine 'YOHO! GIRL'. She is the hardcore hipster who wears glasses most in the Chinese fashion circle. She is Fil Xiaobai (Yan Sishi). Of course, in addition to constantly praising her and admiring her, the most important thing is to return to the topic of glasses. Every photo of her will be decorated with glasses. (To follow the trend of masters, glasses must have !) Her tattoos and her hair color are still so attractive, it is really difficult to forget! Especially her glasses, covering the fashion circle for a year, if you want to get all of them, it is estimated that you will have 'Beijing paralyzed'... …If you want to steal a teacher, just buy it! Now, as a stylist who is very popular in the domestic fashion circle, the glasses she wears really cover the entire trend of glasses in 2016. Now let’s take a look at the favorite of this glasses maniac A few sunglasses! 1 Old cadre (golden edge) is approaching the end of the year, and the eyewear fashion circle is so popular that it is the veteran glasses. Now she often cooperates closely with many first-line fashion magazines, and the clothes and styles of Victoria Song and her cooperation are indeed too good-looking... (Preferably golden silk edge!) 'Abstinence' and 'Retro revival in the 90s' are This year's two major fashion keywords, and the gold-rimmed sunglasses that combine these two trends can be described as the most representative accessories of the year. This year's most popular style has changed from thick-rimmed glasses in the past to thin gold-rimmed glasses, nicknamed 'veterans glasses'. You can see them from outside the show to star street photography. Regardless of fashion week or daily life, Xiaobai has made gold-rimmed glasses so beautiful...beautiful! Exploded! Recommended reading: 'Old cadre' glasses are back in fashion again. Is there a fashion future for being a nerd? 2 square-frame sunglasses. These sunglasses are different from her usual sense of fashion when she wears sunglasses. With her big flower arms, this time is simply beautiful! Staying! Attending fashion week, learning to wear with square-frame glasses, full of bookishness! Cool and glamorous The style of clothing further enhances the aura brought by the square-frame glasses! The conscientious white brother also contributed her personal belongings to filming ~ 3 transparent color sunglasses and another red and 2016 accessories, It Girls are full of abstinence on their necks Sensual choker counts as one, and colorful sunglasses filled with the retro flavor of the 90s count as another. Tawny is the only magic weapon to create a retro style, and it has never withdrawn from everyone's sight! Traveling to other mountains, do not forget to use transparent glasses for concave shape! Amazing, Wuli Xiaobai! 4 Colorful sunglasses want to blend in the fashion circle , Without a pair of colorful sunglasses, you should go out automatically! Colorful travel is the real return rate! Of course, there is also a celebrity hot style, Xiaobai also has income! 5Gentle Monster sunglasses became out of control GM in the first half of this year. It also appeared in Xiaobai’s bag! In addition, Xiaobai also received this one, this one is used frequently~ The marble-colored mirror edge, the reflective mirror surface, the taste of the future is quite sufficient, see here , It’s just a part of the little white glasses. I don’t have much description below, just go to the picture! 6 cat eye sunglasses recommended reading: cat eye sunglasses make you sexy like a cat 7 round retro sunglasses Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex glasses frame 6201/13 brown 8Exaggerated color sunglasses 9Heart-shaped sunglasses 10Exaggerated shape sunglasses After reading the eyewear fashion circle of the glasses maniac, should you re-examine your worldview? Related reading: Sunglasses color sunglasses
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