A few sunglasses worth starting on Qingming travel

u003cbru003eIn a blink of an eye, the time for a clear trip is coming again. As a girl, in addition to loving beauty, she should also carefully take care of the window of the soul-eyes. In this good season of traveling, the sunscreen work of the eyes can not be left! And after wearing sunglasses, your star taste soars, and the trend is instantly bursting! Let's take a look at a few sunglasses that are worth starting for a Qingming trip. 1. White frame sunglasses choose this kind of white frame to make the whole face look cooler, and white is a super versatile color, don’t worry about the problem that it does not match the color of the clothing, the size of the glasses is moderate, and it is suitable for the face and head shape. The requirements are not so strict, and many people can easily control it. 2. Before buying clothes, we will consider whether this dress will be old-fashioned. A small pair of sunglasses can also increase or decrease the effect of age. Such rimless sunglasses are very delicate and delicate, combined with colored lenses. After putting it on, even his face became gentle and handsome. 3. Basic sunglasses sunglasses YC9006 fashion women's square polarized sunglasses. Facing a dazzling array of sunglasses, it is unavoidable to be a little dumbfounded and varied. I don't know which pair to choose. In addition to the functions, you may wish to start with the basic shape of the glasses. Although oval frame sunglasses do not have a gorgeous design or bright colors, they will not easily go out. 4. Diamond-shaped sunglasses I am used to seeing square or round sunglasses, and suddenly I saw a frame that moves closer to the diamond shape, and I was immediately attracted by its novelty. The angular shape makes it easier to show personality and fashion taste on the face. It is unique , But it's not an exaggeration, as long as you want, you can try. 5. Toad mirror S9201 sunglasses C01 frame gold/lens basket color film clothes are available for couples. Unisex sunglasses can be used as couple mirrors, or it is okay for two people to share this mirror. It can be said to be quite practical, but practical things are not necessarily It is ordinary, the unique appearance of the toad mirror and the shiny color film lens are all eye-catching tools. 6. Hollow sunglasses. In the case that many sunglasses styles tend to be the same, if you want your own style to be different, you can make a fuss about the details. The rhinestones on the frame and the hollow design on the side add a bit of elegant celebrity temperament. , This has played a finishing touch to the overall LOOK. 7. Color Sunglasses YC9702 Women's Sunglasses C7 Green Frame Red Legs/Lens Colorful Yellow Color Sunglasses are hot this summer. With it, the palm-sized face can also have beautiful scenery, and the face is vivid and playful, or glamorous because of it, or Funny, noble, or lively, it promotes its own attitude in a high-profile manner, which is not only not annoying but will make people love it. 8. Butterfly-shaped sunglasses Butterfly-shaped sunglasses can cover most of the face, and have a good effect on hiding facial defects. Moreover, butterfly-shaped sunglasses are versatile and suitable for most face shapes. The above types of sunglasses are more popular nowadays. Which styles are suitable for you should be based on your own preferences and facial features. Dear friends want to achieve new heights of beauty. After you dress and dress up every day, don’t forget to wear a suitable pair of sunglasses before going out. It is a matter of health and beauty. In any case, it is indispensable. You must pay attention to your outfit! Related reading: Fashion Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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