A few tips on wearing sunglasses

u003cbru003e1. Glasses that are not polarized are the best. Polarized lenses are just more suitable for driving. Generally, PC films are mostly exported abroad. High-end Ray-Ban is made of tempered glass, but they are not polarized. Recommended reading: Wearing sunglasses in order to be cool is too bad for your eyes. 2. Don't wear sunglasses indoors or in dark places. Although cool is cool, the pupils will always be enlarged, causing glasses fatigue and affecting vision. 3. If you wear sunglasses for myopia, it is best to match one that matches the power of your own glasses. This cannot be done, especially if you wear it for a long time. 4. Regarding the color of sunglasses, in addition to personal preference, there are some knowledge in it: gray lenses-brown and amber lenses that reduce the brightness, but do not change the color of the original face-reduce the blue part of the sun, Thereby reducing the haze effect caused by blue light, but it is easier to cause the original color of the object to change than the gray coating. Yellow lens-can reduce the fog caused by blue light, so the scenery will become clearer and sharper, but it is more likely to cause the original color of the object to change. Green lenses-can filter some blue light to reduce glare and increase the contrast between objects. Rose red lenses-if you like water or outdoor sports, it is best to wear this kind of lens, because you can have a blue or green background Very good contrast.
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