A pair of sunglasses makes you stylish and aura


Weekend is coming, of course you hope you can wear comfortable clothes without makeup...but this does not mean that you completely give up beauty, just because wearing a pair of sunglasses has nothing to do with mediocrity and sloppy. It's that simple, and you have a style and aura. PS: When you want to start with a sunglasses that suits you, the frame should not be narrower than your cheeks. A wide rectangular (horizontal) frame would be a good choice. PS: When the clothing color is lighter, the embellishment of a dark sunglasses is particularly important. PS: The combination of such a cool vest skirt and thin acrylic sunglasses is particularly decent. PS: Round sunglasses can shorten the length of the face, just look at Alessandra Ambrósio. PS: When the face shape is square, try to choose sunglasses with a rounded shape on the bottom edge, which can shape the feeling of the backbone and small face. PS: Victoria Beckham is famous for her sunglasses 'ubiquitous'. The gradual color frame with upper darker and lower lighter uses the principle of light expansion to make Beckham's super-pointed 'melon face' chin less abrupt. PS: The light blue suit is a refreshing choice in the hot summer, and the tortoiseshell sunglasses cushion the sweetness of the warm color. Source: Complete Glasses Network Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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