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The big names in the entertainment and fashion circles are all in love with a pair of sunglasses called Gentle Monster. Jeon Ji Hyun, Li Yifeng, Lee Min Ho, Quan Zhilong, Ah Sa, etc. have all worn these sunglasses on different occasions! Sunglasses are A must-have accessory item for summer, not only for sun protection, but also for concave shape. No matter how many sunglasses, you still feel the lack of a pair, but if you are fashionable, you must know that Gentle Monster is regarded as a local brand favored by the Korean celebrity circle Most Korean celebrities have worn them on street shoots. These sunglasses have many colors and styles. The colors and styles are very retro, but don’t think that retro is dull. Gentle Monster’s colors are more vivid, so it is loved by many female celebrities. It's perfect for summer. Teacher He and Li Yifeng both brought blue mirrors, which are the basic models of Gentle Monster. Li Xiaolu wears a new model that just went on the market in 2015. The pink ones are very suitable for the sweet temperament of hot moms. Ah Sa's style is very Hong Kong style. Obviously, these sunglasses have a small 'V'! Simple and textured. Such as Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have also worn these sunglasses. Although they are Korean brands, they are popular all over the world. This Korean local fashion brand was actually worn by our goddess in the hot Korean drama 'You from the Star'. The following two sets of LOOK must be familiar to you. At that time, Qian Song Yi was wearing Gentle Monster. Two of them. Next, this type of sunglasses appeared in a large wave of Korean celebrities’ airport street shots. Lee Min Ho, Quan Zhilong are all basic black and versatile models. Crystal and Yoon Eun Hye are both sweeter and rounded styles with prints. In fact, Gentle Monster's round sunglasses are also very stylish. Don't dare to try round sunglasses. They are very popular. Some fashion bloggers have also chosen Gentle Monster to go out. The printed frames are very eye-catching and stylish. Of course, it is very important to choose sunglasses that suit your face shape. You can sit in the correct number for the following sunglasses that fit your face shape, so you won't choose the wrong one. 1. Square (including rectangular) face: suitable for round or oval sunglasses, such as traditional aviator glasses or butterfly glasses. 2. Round face: If you wear glasses with round face, you need to choose rectangular, square and shield-shaped sunglasses with sharp edges and corners. 3. Oval face: It is suitable for almost any shape of glasses, but pay attention to the size of the sunglasses. Related Reading: Sunglasses Sunglasses Brand
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