Actor Nien Xian Er wears a cape with black sunglasses sexy photo

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-28
u003cbru003eYoung actor Nian Xian'er took a new set of cool and handsome portraits, with charming long curly hair, sexy thin lips, matched with a black super' target='_blank'>sunglasses, wearing a mid-length trench coat, black shorts, slender legs, full of charm. Actor Nien Xian Er wears a cape with black sunglasses. Sexy photo Nien Xian Er, actor, singer, model. Born in Dandong, Liaoning, she has a straightforward personality and a beautiful appearance. In 2011, she participated in the sixth Miss Asian Brand Contest held in Hong Kong, China and won the runner-up in one fell swoop. Since her debut, Nian Xian Er has always maintained her innocent love for music and performance, and constantly challenged herself. She has released singles such as 'Unknown Lover' and starred in the theater movie 'Forbidden Game of Hide and SeekSince officially joining the big family of Beijing Shengshi Dehe International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Nian Xian'er has continued to explore her innermost depths and challenged her acting skills. She has starred in movies such as 'Ugly Man Turns Over' and 'Let's Go Love'. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact if you want to delete it. Related reading: Sunglasses brand sunglasses
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