Actresses' auras all rely on it: sunglasses + lipstick

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-06-13
u003cbru003eThe editor is a star chasing celebrity, especially love to chase actresses, because they always feel that they are out of reach, beautiful and unsimulated, whether they are out of the street, traveling, playing or running around at the airport, as long as they show up It is so perfect, it looks so glamorous, fashionable and aura, which makes people wonder if there is something wrong with the way of opening it. I love searching for the dynamics of actresses everywhere. After so long of research, I finally found out the secret of full aura: sunglasses + lipstick Wang Ou: blue reflective sunglasses + red lips because of the corner of Wang Manchun, Director Wang. Wang Ou, who has entered the public eye, is also a lover of red lips in life. Blue reflective sunglasses are avant-garde and fashionable. Choose the classic red lip style, which is quite a mix and match. And the color of the red lips must be full, and the color of the blue sunglasses is more exciting visually. Reflective sunglasses recommendation: Ray-Ban RB4257-F Ladies Sunglasses 6092/3R/Tortoiseshell/Colorful Green Film Song Victoria: Gray gradient sunglasses + water red lip gloss. I don’t know if it’s true because of the moisture of love, Victoria Song’s makeup looks almost changed More and more feminine, the water red lip gloss is chosen on many occasions, there is a mature and gentle big woman style. In this airport street look, Song Qian’s gradient gray sunglasses are low-key and interesting. They are paired with a moist light red lip color to express the gentle and elegant feminine style to the full. Yang Mi: pink purple mirror sunglasses + orange lipstick recommended Sunglasses: YC9703 Women's Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue The big power state after giving birth to small glutinous rice is a mystery getting better and better. Every time the street style is taken, many people follow suit. In addition to clothing, Da Mi Mi's makeup looks very scheming every time the street shoots! The orange lipstick has a vitality value of max, and it matches the orange baseball uniform in style and color. And even if you are exhausted after a long flight, you can disguise yourself with full marks in one second after applying orange lipstick. It can only be seen in a certain light environment that the sunglasses with pink and purple mirrors are also in line with the overall sporty style, and the color selection is not abrupt. Liu Shishi: Black translucent sunglasses + nude lipstick. Because of the reason of practicing ballet since childhood, Liu Shishi has always given people a very cold and elegant feeling. Her daily street makeup is relatively simple and elegant. The black translucent sunglasses and nude lipstick are both low-key. , The whole LOOK is in a cool tone, which sets off her cool temperament even more. But this kind of collocation is only suitable for girls who are in the cold wind or whose temperament is very similar to Liu Shishi, otherwise they will appear very indifferent and degenerate into everyone. The above content is organized by the editor. For more fashion information and matching knowledge, please go to view: Related reading: pretty girl sunglasses, ladies sunglasses
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