Are good quality sunglasses expensive?

u003cbru003eAre high-quality sunglasses expensive? Sunglasses are a kind of vision care products to prevent the intense impact of sunlight from causing damage to the eyes. With the improvement of everyone's material and cultural level, sunglasses can be used as beauty or special personal style Accessories. Sunglasses can generally be divided into three categories: sun-shading mirrors, light-colored sunglasses and special-purpose sunglasses. 1. First of all, you must know your intention to buy sunglasses. From the several types of sunglasses introduced above, we know that different types of sunglasses have different applicable occasions and people. When we want to buy sunglasses, we must first determine whether our intention is for sun protection or decoration for clothing? Is there any need for UV protection in addition to sun protection? Is there any special need for the safety function of the lens? Only clear these Intention, combined with the style and the actual effect of wearing on my face, can I purchase a suitable pair of sunglasses. Are good quality sunglasses expensive? 2. Learn to understand the product logo. Not all sunglasses have the function of UV protection. A pair of sunglasses that meets the basic requirements of the standard can only be said to block the glare. More UV light. If a pair of sunglasses can only block strong light but not the same amount of ultraviolet light, the wearer will endure more ultraviolet light than without sunglasses (wearing sunglasses will reduce the luminous flux into the human eye, Causes the wearer’s pupils to enlarge). Sunglasses sold on shop counters generally have obvious symbols on their lenses, hangtags, or outer packaging, just like the fabric ingredients are marked on clothing. Consumers must check them carefully when purchasing. Are good quality sunglasses expensive? 1) Marking on UV protection function Whether a pair of sunglasses has UV protection function, we cannot distinguish it with the naked eye. The manufacturer’s express commitment to the product is that consumers buy sunglasses with protection function. For reference, we can see clear signs such as '100% UV protectionAre good quality sunglasses expensive? Ultraviolet rays refer to sunlight with a wavelength between 200nm and 380nm, including three types: UVA wavelength is 315nm~380nm, UVB wavelength is 280nm~315nm, UVC wavelength is 200nm~280nm. The ultraviolet rays (290nm~2000nm) that reach the surface of the earth account for about 13% of the ultraviolet rays, during which UVA accounts for 97%, UVB accounts for 3%, and UVC is close to zero. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the human eye is mainly determined by the wavelength, radiation time and intensity of the ultraviolet rays and the strength of the human eye’s own defense mechanism. The cornea and lens are the eye arrangements that are often damaged by ultraviolet rays. Solar keratitis and corneal endothelial damage. Solar cataract is an eye disease related to it. In order to protect the health of the eyes, you can choose sunglasses made of anti-ultraviolet lenses to eliminate ultraviolet rays below 380nm as much as possible. Are high-quality sunglasses expensive? 2) Safety-related logos Sunglasses with safety-related features are made of impact-resistant materials such as PC lenses. The labels and instructions are often marked with “impact-resistant” , 'Approved by the US FDA. Consumers must learn to protect themselves with regard to the promises made on product labels. Either keep the label or description, or let the merchant indicate it on the invoice. Once a dispute occurs, they will not be forced to lack basis. Are good quality sunglasses expensive? 3. It is necessary to have the basic skills to distinguish the intrinsic quality of the lens. 1) The power of the lens should satisfy the demand for plain lenses, and there should be no optical defects that affect vision. A simple method of identification is to place sunglasses in front of your eyes, observe distant targets through the lenses, such as window frames or door frames, and then move the glasses up and down back and forth. The targets should not be swayed or wavy. Are good quality sunglasses expensive? 2) The color of the lens should not be biased, and the color of the surrounding environment should not be distorted, and the edge of the object should be clear and have the ability to effectively identify the signal lights of different colors. The choice of the shade of the lens depends on the place of activity required. For different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. To make sunglasses can effectively block the glare in summer, the color of the glasses has enough depth, but cyclists or motorists should not choose too dark lenses.
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