Are myopia sunglasses reliable?

u003cbru003e'I have myopia. I ride my bike to work in the morning. The sun is dazzling. I want to buy a pair of sunglasses. I found that the two glasses are too heavy. I heard that there are sunglasses suitable for myopic people. May I ask if they are reliable Is it?' Recommended reading: Which color is the most eye-friendly sunglasses for myopia? Did you wear it right? Recently, the editor received such a question in the background. The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer. The 'sunglasses season' is approaching. Today I will tell you about these myopic sunglasses. The technology of myopia sunglasses is actually very mature in China. The reason why it feels unreliable is largely because it is not very popular in China. In fact, the fundamental reason for the lack of popularity is that compared with ordinary sunglasses, the price of myopia sunglasses is slightly higher. In addition, although myopia sunglasses have both functions of myopia glasses and sunglasses, they cannot replace ordinary myopia glasses for indoor use, so many people feel that it is not cost-effective to buy them. But in fact, sunglasses are something that is closely related to our daily life. After all, when ultraviolet rays are strong all year round, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays is great, such as cataracts, etc., so we have to prevent them. And when driving, sunglasses can well attenuate the dazzling lights such as high beams. The high-rise buildings in the city reflect strong light and will form a large range of scattered reflections during heavy rains. Myopic sunglasses with polarized light can also filter these diffused lights. With reflected light, it can effectively relieve visual fatigue. So it is necessary to buy myopic sunglasses. At present, there are several ways to wear sunglasses for myopia: Clip: It is convenient to use, but the positioning of the clip is troublesome, and it is not particularly beautiful, and the split design is not particularly convenient for storage and access. Color-changing lens: adding silver halide chemicals to the lens, so that the originally transparent and colorless lens will turn into a colored lens when exposed to strong light for protection, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Non-polarized myopia sunglasses: mainly use dyed lenses, which need to be pre-dyed by a professional brand lens manufacturer for the color to be more stable. Polarized sunglasses for myopia: In addition to basic UV protection, polarized sunglasses also have anti-glare, road reflections, water scales, etc., suitable for driving, fishing, traveling, and daily wear. The disadvantage is that if the myopia is deep, the lens will be thicker. Of course, a lens with a higher refractive index can also be equipped. The price is slightly more expensive, but the lens is thinner. In general, sunglasses for people who drive, bike, and love sports, it is recommended to wear myopic polarized sunglasses, which is the most suitable! Selection of polarized sunglasses for myopia: For lenses, you can choose polarized lenses from brands such as Zeiss, Seiko, Nikon, Mingyue, etc., and for the frame, you can choose Tyrannosaurus, Ray-Ban, Pedi, etc. according to style needs. ??
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