Are sunglasses without UV protection good for the eyes?


Whether it is summer or winter, many people choose to wear sunglasses for sun shading throughout the year. However, most people choose sunglasses for beauty rather than quality, or even buy sunglasses that do not prevent outside lines. Are sunglasses without UV protection good for the eyes? In addition to sun-shading and beautiful, sunglasses are also an important indicator of UV protection. Not all sunglasses on the market currently have UV protection. A pair of sunglasses that meet the basic standards can reduce the intensity of visible light while also blocking part of the UV rays, ensuring that wearing sunglasses is more acceptable than not wearing sunglasses. The ultraviolet radiation does not increase. If the sunglasses are of poor quality and do not protect against ultraviolet rays, the damage to your eyes will be greater than if you don’t wear sunglasses, because wearing sunglasses will reduce the light entering your eyes and cause the wearer’s pupils to enlarge. In this case, it is extremely harmful to human eyes, so it is necessary to choose a sun with UV protection. When buying sunglasses, you must first determine whether the purpose of buying sunglasses is for sun protection or for decoration. In addition to sun-shading, whether there are requirements for UV protection, and whether there are special requirements for the safety of the lenses, only by clarifying these purposes, and combining the style and the actual effect of wearing on your face, can you buy a suitable pair of sunglasses.
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