Are your sunglasses really useful?


We have recommended many types of sunglasses to you before, and also introduced you to the method of distinguishing polarized sunglasses, but there are still many people who say that the sunglasses they choose do not seem to block ultraviolet rays, and they have a very protective effect on the eyes. Is there any problem with sunglasses? Are the sunglasses you bought really useful? With these questions, let's take a look at the knowledge of sunglasses for everyone, hoping to help you buy sunglasses that suit you. Recommended reading: There are also university questions when choosing sunglasses. First, observe whether there are scratches, impurities, bubbles, or stripes on the lenses. Check the outer packaging of the sunglasses. Regular sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, diameter, quality level, manufacturer name and trademark. , Sunglasses with anti-UVA, UVB and CE marks on the mirror or tag can ensure that a certain amount of ultraviolet rays are blocked. 2. Try to wear it to see if you feel dizzy or headache. Nowadays, there are some myopia sunglasses for sale on the market. For ordinary consumers, it is best not to choose such sunglasses. 3. Hold the two corners of the sunglasses against the fluorescent lamp with your hand, and let the reflective strip of the mirror roll smoothly. If you find that the fluorescent lamp shadow reflected by the mirror is wavy or twisted, it proves that the lens is not flat. Such a mirror will damage your eyesight. Fourth, the lens should be flat and the transparency should be high.  lenses are made of glass and resin, and the best sunglasses should use polarized lenses. 5. In addition to matching the color of sunglasses according to their skin color, face shape, and wearing, they should also be selected according to the place of entry and exit. Generally speaking, black, brown, and gray filter effects are good; gray lenses can absorb any color spectrum in a balanced manner, and the scene seen after wearing will only darken without obvious chromatic aberration; brown lenses can filter out a lot Blue light can improve visual contrast and clarity, and is particularly effective when worn under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. 6. In addition to reducing the irritation of strong light and making the eyes comfortable, the main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the eyes. The color of the lens and whether it is UV-resistant are two different things. Even if the color of the lens is dark, it may not be able to effectively prevent UV, so Be sure to choose lenses that are marked with UV protection. Usually the UV index of sunglasses is between 96% and 98%. 7. Generally, regular eyeglass shops will have equipment to detect the ability of sunglasses to resist ultraviolet rays. Through this test, you can know whether the glasses in your hand are helpful for eye health. Sunglasses have a great effect on protecting our eyes, and unqualified sunglasses on the market will only waste our money, and do not have much meaning for us to protect our eyes. Therefore, only by choosing useful and correct sunglasses can we be in the scorching sun. Travel happily. If you don’t have sunglasses yet, why not buy a pair of formal sunglasses! Related Reading: Sunglasses Myopia Polarized Sunglasses
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