Be cautious when wearing cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses

u003cbru003eExperts remind: product quality varies from good to bad, and improper selection and wearing may cause eye problems in the summer season. Dressing up becomes a compulsory course for hipsters. In order to match beautiful summer clothes and UV protection, many beauty-loving girls have put on cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses. However, experts remind that although cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses are beautiful, they also have a certain protective effect on the eyes, but at present, there is no supervision in the domestic cosmetic contact market; sunglasses are also mostly of rough craftsmanship, and the quality is worrying. If consumers choose and wear improperly, it will not only affect their eyesight, but may also cause a series of eye diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully identify and purchase with caution. Cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses are beautiful but hurt your eyes. On the 5th, a small eyeglass shop in Zhonglou Street, Liuxiang, the provincial capital, had a booming business. In just one noon, there was an endless stream of girls who came to buy cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses. 'Peach heart pattern, rose pattern...' The owner introduced hundreds of cosmetic contact lenses to customers. Ms. He, who had bought two items in the same store, urged her companions not to consume them. It turned out that because of the low price, she had bought cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses here. She always felt her eyes astringent when wearing cosmetic contact lenses; she felt dizzy after wearing sunglasses for a long time. She went to the hospital for an examination, and the ophthalmologist said she had conjunctivitis, and the culprit was this pair of inferior cosmetic contact lenses. The reporters continued to visit Jiefang Road and Wuyi Road where the prices differed a lot, and some shops did not have a permit, and found that the price of cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses on the market was very different. The expensive cosmetic contact lenses are more than 300 yuan, and the cheap ones are about 60 yuan; the price of sunglasses ranges from 20 yuan to 3,000 yuan. Some cosmetics stores and jewelry stores also sell various colors of cosmetic contact lenses and sunglasses with alternative shapes, and the business is very good. The price difference is too big to cause confusion for consumers, and whether they can 'buy with confidence' has become a concern of many people. 'Going to a large optical shop to buy glasses is too expensive. When I go to a small shop, I feel that the price is cheap and the quality is not guaranteed.' Said citizen Liu. 'Contact lenses are three types of medical devices. According to regulations, the operation of contact lenses and nursing solutions must obtain a 'medical device business license.' An industry insider said. However, during the investigation, some shopkeepers interviewed by the reporter stated that they did not know the matter. When choosing sunglasses that must be carefully worn and qualified, they should be marked with the brand, specifications, and factory address. Dr. Wu from the Provincial Eye Hospital described the tips for choosing sunglasses: “To check the quality of the lens, you can place the sunglasses 40 cm-45 cm in front of your eyes and observe the object through the lens. If the straight line is distorted or swayed, the lens is deformed. Buy. Or turn the lens gently against the daylight or fluorescent lamp, and don’t buy it if you feel uncomfortable. The color of the lens is gray, green, and brown; dark brown and black are the next best; blue and purple are inferior.' It is not good for eyesight. Consumers should choose carefully according to the needs of the eyes.' Dr. Wu said that if the quality of the cosmetic contact lenses worn is not good enough, it is easy to cause allergic conjunctivitis, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and other eye diseases. “Some people have eye discomfort due to wearing cosmetic contact lenses, and they can see a doctor in time and treat symptomatically, and their vision can basically return to normal. But some people have eye diseases but do not realize that they delay treatment and eventually develop corneal ulcers. Even if cured, the damage It can’t be recovered either.” Dr. Wu suggested that consumers go to a regular optical shop to buy contact lenses and wear them strictly according to the method of use. The daily wear time should be less than 8 hours. In addition, it is not recommended for teenagers under the age of 16 to use cosmetic contact lenses.
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