Blurred vision when driving on rainy days? Wear sunglasses to solve it!

u003cbru003eEvery summer, everyone feels stressed. High temperature and heavy rain alternately make everyone suffer from the hardships of high temperature and heavy rain. With the growing number of car owners, driving safety in summer has become a focus of great concern to society. Especially in summer, the sunny and rainy are changeable. When it rains, the fog is hazy. When the rain is heavy, the drivers will only be irritable. No matter how fast the wipers are adjusted, they still can’t see the road conditions in front of the windshield. Recommended reading: Misunderstandings of wearing sunglasses when driving in summer! Why does my vision become blurred on rainy days? When driving on a rainy day, the water droplets falling on the windshield can easily become a transparent medium. Especially in heavy rain, there will still be a lot of rain on the windshield after the wiper is brushed. As a transparent medium, rainwater can scatter the optical fiber to the surroundings and produce glare effects, which greatly reduces the contrast of other things in the field of view, resulting in blurred and unclear field of view. In fact, not only on rainy days, but at noon in summer, it’s the same reason that when you look under the pool you will find it dazzling and indistinguishable. At the same time, the messy rain traces affect the sensitivity of the human retina, causing blurred vision. A previous post entitled 'The Magical Uses of Sunglasses: Practical in Rainy Days' was hotly discussed by netizens on Weibo. The original post read: 'When the rain is heavy, even if the wipers are adjusted to the maximum frequency, the line of sight is still invisible. But wearing sunglasses, suddenly the downpour that obscured the line of sight seemed to have disappeared. Only the vehicle in front was left, and the line of sight was very clear.' Sunglasses are generally divided into three types. The first is a sunshade mirror, which can help block the glare. , To reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment and the damage caused by strong light stimulation; the second is light-colored sunglasses, which are rich in colors, diverse in styles, and have a stronger decorative effect than actual shading; the last is special-purpose sunglasses, which often It has a strong sun-shading effect, can resist ultraviolet rays, and generally has a polarizing function, which can eliminate glare. It is mainly used for driving, skiing, fishing and other activities. Rainy days are special circumstances, and you need to choose a style that suits you when wearing sunglasses under special circumstances. Try not to choose dark sunglasses when driving. In addition, sunglasses like light blue and pink, which are mainly decorative, are not recommended for motorists. Because this color sunglasses and dark sunglasses will cause a certain chromatic aberration, and wearing glasses will reduce a certain width of the field of view, the impact on the field of view is also greater. When driving on rainy days, what interferes with human eyes is light from different directions. Although ordinary sunglasses can filter out certain wavelengths of light, they do not change the contrast. Brown polarized glasses are a very good choice. Glasses with polarizing function can block scattered reflected light, glare and reflected light from objects in natural light, so that the driver will feel that the foreground objects look soft and not glaring, so The vision becomes clear. If they are just ordinary sunglasses, they can only block ultraviolet rays and have no function of blocking glare, so wearing them in rain will not make the driver's vision clear. Related Reading: Driver Sunglasses Sunglasses
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