Can sunglasses be made into myopia glasses?

u003cbru003eIt is said that everyone has the love of beauty. As a flat product, sunglasses are naturally favored by all non-myopic people. But don’t the myopic people need sunglasses? Compared to just improving their image, myopic consumers are more The sun-shading function of sunglasses needs to be greater. For a long time, we have no shortage of sunglasses solutions for myopic consumers. For example, invisible + sunglasses, sunglasses + dyed film, apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the invisible alternative, sunglasses are replaced with a dyed film with a degree as the solution, is this really good? Here is a professional analysis of product planning. 1. The ring shape is too large and affects the visual effect. YC9703 Ladies Sunglasses C3 Black/Colorful Blue Conventional Sunglasses In order to maximize the beauty, the ring shape is generally large and can cover a large area of u200bu200bthe face. Generally, this kind of large circle lens is more suitable for the high nose bridge and thin face of Ou Jia, and there are many inconsistencies with the generally rounded face of Asians. At the same time, the base curve of the large circle lens is relatively large, and the matched dyed lens has a correspondingly large and thicker shape. Even if a certain degree of thinning treatment is done, there will be a less beautiful edge thinning platform. It is very different from the consumer's initial aesthetic needs. 2. The lens can not be restored to the best effect. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C7 Black Frame Silver Legs/Lens Gray Whether it is a world or domestic first- and second-line brand sunglasses, it can be said that the lens planning is well-intentioned, and its film, color and function match the brand value , And most of them are based on polarized lenses with more comfortable vision. After a clear lens experience and a frame with a good texture and a better style, they are favored by consumers. However, after such lenses are replaced, it is difficult to obtain lenses of equal quality and color perception. Nowadays, the price of polarized lenses is relatively high, and most of them are dyed. The texture and performance of dyed lenses cannot match that of polarized lenses. 3. Insufficient loop wire bearing capacity to seek lightness and thinness has always been the main thrust of the planning of glasses. This is especially true for sunglasses, so when planning to fully consider the 'burden reduction' of each link, loop silk is one of the objects that are extremely thin. As a pair of brand sunglasses that are now in shape, the slender loop silk design is in line with ergonomics and wearing habits. But please remember: they are only tailor-made for the pair of plano lenses on the frame. If you want to replace the plano lens with a power lens, the load-bearing capacity of the original loop wire will be just right from the previous one. Overstretched, it was like a size S clothing. The subject suddenly changed from 160 to 170, showing cracking, falling off, etc. are common occurrences, and complaints are commonplace. 4. The groove shape and the lens can’t fit perfectly. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Conventional Sunglasses have a U groove shape, which is no problem for flat lenses, with good stability and firmness. However, when the lens is replaced with a power lens, there will be a 'rejection' between the U groove and the lens. Even if it is reluctantly installed temporarily, it is safe to look at at the time, but after the usual removal and wearing, after the four seasons, the thermal expansion The cold-shrinking phenomenon appeared. The original summer was just right, but in the autumn and winter, the lens suddenly fell off, and it couldn't be restored no matter how to install it. This is not only a puzzle for consumers, but also a problem for retail stores. 5. There is no lock opening and inconvenience for installation and unloading. In recent years, conventional sunglasses have basically cancelled the lock opening plan of the loop wire edge. The integrated loop wire does not have a trace of burden in the planning. When the flat lens is installed, it is also completed in one time. Did not think too much about the removal and reinstallation of the later lenses. Therefore, when it is necessary to do this in practice, there are certain difficulties and risks in disassembly and installation, and this risk is likely to become a long-term hidden danger. Related reading: myopia sunglasses myopia glasses
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