Celebrity street shooting, regardless of gender, love to wear sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn the past half month, many celebrities have appeared at the airport. Street shooting is essential. The first thing that attracted the attention of the editor in these photos was the celebrities’ small, thin legs and long legs. It’s envious, but there is also an attractive element that you can own without envy! That’s right, that’s the sunglasses! Tang Yan Wearing a Stella McCartney denim dress with canvas shoes, it’s ok. It’s ok to wear sunglasses, but it’s better if you don’t have a mask~ Dongyu Zhou’s recent popularity It's quite tall, I think her dressing and matching taste is good, simple and casual hair style, handsome thin-rim sunglasses, very ordinary dress, but the inner wear reveals a hint of caution. Tang Yixin appeared at the airport in a white suspender skirt with a white cartoon T-shirt. The whole body was refreshing and youthful. The green backpack was very conspicuous, and the silver sunglasses were the finishing touch, and the whole person looked full of vitality. Wu Yifan’s recent Saint Laurent black T-shirt with Ray-Ban sunglasses is very cool. It can’t be more simple to dress up. Does sunglasses have a bright feeling? In fact, the editor thinks that appearance is still very important. Hahaha~ How can I miss Li Yifeng in this airport sunglasses street shoot! Recently Li Yifeng appeared in the airport wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. The white hat and the white shoes echoed each other, and the hat was very playful. At the same time, he wore Gentle Monster's reflective colorful toad mirror, which can be said to be a loyal fan of Gentle Monster. Recently, William Chan is wearing round-frame reflective sunglasses. Reflective sunglasses are actually very eye-catching sunglasses. After all, they are so obvious. Finally, I will recommend a few colorful reflective sunglasses for everyone. Hurry up and attract others’ attention. , Hahaha~Ray-Ban RB2447-F Men’s Sunglasses 901/4J Black/Colorful Green Film Ray-Ban RB3447 Men’s Sunglasses 112/P9 Gold/Colorful Green Film Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Women Sunglasses
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