Children choose sunglasses carefully. Do not wear dark colors indoors

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, the sun is strong and the high-intensity ultraviolet rays test not only the tender skin of children, but also their fragile eyes. Ophthalmologists pointed out that children wearing' target='_blank'>sunglasses under strong light can effectively relieve visual fatigue and at the same time avoid the damage to the eyes caused by strong light. So, what issues should parents pay attention to when choosing sunglasses for their children? Ophthalmologists said that when parents choose sunglasses for their children, it is better to choose gray and brown sunglasses as much as possible, and avoid choosing pink or blue sunglasses with incorrect frames and different lenses. Because gray and brown sunglasses can more effectively maintain the color of the object itself, filter harmful light such as ultraviolet rays, and have less color distortion and better color perception. As for pink or blue sunglasses, not only can they not block harmful substances from ultraviolet rays, but sometimes they absorb harmful substances, making the effect counterproductive. In addition, children try not to wear dark sunglasses indoors. Because children between the ages of 3 and 12 are in a sensitive period of eye development, their eyesight is constantly developing, and indoor light is weaker than that outdoors. If you wear dark sunglasses indoors, it is easy to cause the retina to be unable to image clearly, and it will be difficult to see things. Very vague, which affects the development of children's visual function. The editor reminds parents that it is currently the peak season for children's sunglasses on the market, which is flooded with low-quality and shoddy products. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses for your child, you must choose carefully to avoid irreparable damage to your child's eyes.
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