Choose sunglasses color in summer

u003cbru003eIn the summer, sunglasses have become a standard for travel. When choosing sunglasses, many people pay attention to their favorite styles and colors, rather than choosing them according to their functions and needs. They don’t know that different sunglasses colors have different functions. So, in the face of colorful sunglasses, how should we choose? Gray-gray lenses are the most common, they can absorb most of the color spectrum, there will be no obvious chromatic aberration when viewing the scene, and will not change the color of the object , Suitable for most people. Recommended reading: Which one is better for gray spectacle lenses or yellow spectacles? Brown lenses can filter a lot of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, and can see details of objects even if the light is dazzling. The effect is better when worn under air pollution and foggy conditions. Great. Green-Green lenses can increase the green light reaching the eyes, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable, and suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. Silver-Silver mercury lenses can absorb and reflect more solar radiation, suitable for outdoor activities with better sunlight. Red and blue-red and blue lenses are not effective in protecting the eyes, and the red blocking effect is poor. The blue lenses promote blue light to irritate the eyeballs, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose, but they can be used as decoration. In addition, the editor also reminds everyone that the size of sunglasses can at least cover the visual imaging area in front of the eyes, and it is not appropriate to choose sunglasses that are too small or too large. If you choose sunglasses lenses that are too small, the strong light will easily irritate your eyes. Choosing oversized sunglasses will put a burden on the bridge of the nose, and people with small nasal bones may slip off easily. It is recommended to read what color sunglasses are better for the eyes? Related reading: Choice of sunglasses sunglasses color
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