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u003cbru003eLi Mingtian, who likes to hike, spends most of his time outdoors. He bought himself a pair of wide-brimmed sunglasses a month ago. After returning from hiking last weekend, he felt sore eyes and kept crying, and went to the hospital. One check turned out to be his fashionable sunglasses to blame. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the styles of sunglasses are becoming more and more exaggerated. Wide-rim sunglasses were once popular with young people. However, Yang Jihong, an ophthalmologist at Hoya Eyeglasses of Xinjiang Bess Optical Co., Ltd., said that after wearing such sunglasses for one to two weeks, some people will feel sore eyes, numbness of the skin between the eye sockets or between the cheeks, and the nose when breathing. Discomfort and other symptoms, this may be the manifestation of sunglasses syndrome is mostly caused by often wearing sunglasses with wide sides, thick frames, and heavy weight. For those with eye disease and myopia, Yang Jihong emphasized that he should also pay attention when choosing sunglasses. For example, glaucoma patients are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, because sunglasses reduce the light. In order to see objects clearly, glaucoma patients are forced to dilate their pupils, which will inevitably lead to increased intraocular pressure and aggravate the condition. Patients with low or moderate myopia can wear ordinary, non-diopter sunglasses without affecting their safety. For patients with high myopia above 600 degrees, sunglasses with diopter should be worn.
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