Choose sunglasses to look at the four aspects

u003cbru003eWhen Joong Ki was wearing sunglasses, there was nothing good about this lens~ I watched it 30 times~ In addition to being handsome (decent face), the important role of sunglasses is to filter ultraviolet rays. Exposure to ultraviolet light may cause diseases such as cataracts, eyelid skin cancer and electro-optic ophthalmia. Even if you wear a wide-brimmed hat, it can only block 50% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can block 99~100% of UVA and UVB, and filter 75~90% of visible light. Not all dark sunglasses can protect against UV rays. The simple way to distinguish it is to see if it uses a standard UV400 or other anti-ultraviolet label. The UV filter logo on some low-quality sunglasses is not credible, but fortunately, they can be purchased through regular channels. Having said so much, you are still a little dizzy! How to choose sunglasses in the end? It is enough to look at the four aspects! 1. How to choose the material of sunglasses? Mainly include glass, polyurethane, polycarbonate, acrylic, and tree Ester etc. Resin lens: light, scratch-resistant, and has the ability to partially block ultraviolet rays, common; glass lens: more scratch-resistant, more expensive. Polyurethane lens: more impact resistant and more expensive. Ray-Ban RB4187F black frame purple lens TR90 metal fashion high-end large size ladies sunglasses 2. How to choose the color of the sunglasses? The best color of the lens is light-colored lenses such as brown, gray and green, which has better protection effect . Sort by daily practicality: black/gray: uniform absorption for any color spectrum, so there will be no chromatic aberration when viewing the scene; brown: filter blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, suitable for severe air pollution (such as sandstorms) or foggy conditions; green : Increase the green light reaching the eyes, so it is cool and comfortable, suitable for those who are prone to fatigue; Mercury lens: The surface adopts high-density coating, which absorbs and reflects more visible light, suitable for outdoor sports; Yellow: strictly speaking, this type Lenses are not classified as sunglasses. It can hardly reduce the visible light, but can increase the contrast, so it is more suitable as a 'night vision goggle' and can also be used for decoration; light blue/light pink and other light colors: decoration is more than practical. Ray-Ban RB4222 men's sunglasses 865/13 tortoiseshell/lens tea 3. How to choose the shade of the sunglasses? According to the visible light transmittance, the lenses can be divided into 0-4 levels from light to dark. The depth is different, the corresponding weather and location conditions are also different, you can choose according to your needs. Level 0: Suitable for indoors and when it is cloudy; Level 1-2: Medium and low brightness sunlight, some decorative fashion sunglasses belong to this category; Level 3: Coping with strong light in the seaside, mountaineering, etc., more common; Level 4: In environments such as snowy mountains, deserts, etc., to deal with extremely strong sunlight; it is not recommended to wear them when driving or biking, especially when entering or exiting tunnels or places with high contrast between light and dark, you must take off your sunglasses. 4. How to choose the shape of the sunglasses? Finally, I have come to the important question! Everyone knows that this is closely related to the face shape! But I studied for 3 days in the editor, and found that the big difficulty is not to choose glasses based on the face shape, but how to judge the face shape. Yes! Presenting the ultimate judgment method, standing in front of your mirror, obsessive-compulsive disorder can take out a ruler! Reading the above article, you should have a general understanding of how to choose sunglasses, right? There are many styles, high-quality sunglasses, and cheap prices. There is a need Dear friends, come and shop! Website: Related reading: Popular Sunglasses
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