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u003cbru003eSunglasses on the market are good and bad, and the quality is uneven. Nowadays, everyone only needs to prevent ultraviolet rays to protect their eyes in the age of health. How do you choose the correct sunglasses that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays? Recommended reading: How to choose sunglasses for myopia? UV-A and UV-B can easily cause eye disease. According to the wavelength, ultraviolet light can be divided into UV-A (320 to 400nm), UV-B (280 to 320nm) and UV-C (100 to 280nm). Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy and the greater the damage. UV-C with the strongest energy will be isolated in the atmosphere; the main ultraviolet rays that cause eye problems are UV-A and UV-B, UV -A is the main cause of cataracts and macular disease, and it can also cause skin aging and darkening; UV-B has a shorter wavelength and stronger relative energy than UV-A, which can easily cause pannus and photokeratitis. To prevent ultraviolet rays from hurting your eyes, there are these steps when choosing sunglasses! Buying sunglasses and choosing UV400 lenses will be more secure if you can go to an optical eyewear shop or buy sunglasses from a larger brand. The most important thing is to choose UV400 anti-ultraviolet lenses to block light below 400nm. Another main function of sunglasses is to reduce the intensity of visible light, so that people will not feel that the light is too bright, and the contrast will be better when looking at things, so as to prevent the retina from being stimulated for too long, causing eye fatigue and damage. Choose sunglasses filter level according to your location. In general indoor environment, driving, or walking in the city, it is enough to choose sunglasses that can filter out 50%-60% of visible light. Large brands will indicate optical sunglasses filters. If there is no data mark, the easiest way to judge is to see the contour of the eye in the mirror after wearing sunglasses. If you want to go to the beach, mountain climbing, or skiing, because the ultraviolet rays are strong in these places, it is recommended to choose sunglasses that can filter out 80%-90% of visible light, that is, the filter level is between the third and fourth levels. After wearing the sunglasses, it is difficult to see the detailed contours of the eyes. To prevent ultraviolet rays from hurting your eyes, there are these steps when choosing sunglasses! Inferior lenses hurt the eyes. Unqualified dyed lenses with poor quality can only filter out visible light and cannot block the damage of ultraviolet rays. Wearing such inferior sunglasses will damage the eyes more than not wearing them, because under normal light, the pupils There will be a protection mechanism. The pupils will shrink, allowing visible light and ultraviolet rays to enter the eyes. Inferior lenses only filter out visible light, and the pupils will think that the light is not so strong now. At this time, the pupils will be enlarged, but the ultraviolet rays will be driven directly into the retina and lens, which will damage the eyes. .
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