Choose sunglasses, your purchase purpose must be clear

u003cbru003eWhen buying sunglasses, you must be clear about your purchase purpose. If it is for UV protection, you should choose sunglasses that can eliminate UV rays below 380nm, have safety performance marks, and have a smooth mirror surface and no bubbles. If it is for decoration, choose the style according to the skin color of the individual's face. YC9708 General Sunglasses C7 black frame with silver legs/grey lenses and long face should choose round or oval sunglasses with a certain width and three-dimensional effect, which can reduce the slenderness of the face. Those with a petite face should choose rimless or thin-frame sunglasses with lenses as the mainstay. Those with a square face should choose sunglasses with rounded prismatic edges. They should not be too round or too square to ease the facial lines. For pear-shaped faces, you can choose sunglasses with thicker frames and wider frames to coordinate the proportions of the face. The best choice is the oval face, no matter which style, the oval face can be held. People with fair skin should avoid black with excessive contrast, and choose brown, wine red and various beautiful colors. Women with yellow skin should choose silver, pink and other colors, which can brighten the complexion and look more energetic. Darker skin tones are more suitable for blue and dark purple glasses. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 gold is used as an eye product. There is also a certain degree of attention to wearing sunglasses. Improper wearing can also cause certain eye diseases. Know some common sense of wearing to prevent the loss of money. 1. Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays because their mirrors have a special coating. Some low-quality sunglasses are protected by a coating, which reduces the transmittance. When encountering strong light and the pupils are dilated, there will be more Intake of ultraviolet rays accelerates eye damage. Ray-Ban RB4187-F Unisex Sunglasses 856/13 tortoiseshell frame tea sheet 2. Do not use sunglasses continuously regardless of occasion. You do not need to wear sunglasses on cloudy days, indoors, or at dusk. Otherwise, it will increase the burden on the eyes, cause fatigue and tension of the eye muscles, and in severe cases will cause vision loss, dizziness and other symptoms. 3. Sunglasses must be comfortable, and it is better to have no indentation after 15 minutes of wearing them. Related reading: Sunglasses and glasses styles
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