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u003cbru003eFashion comment: The translucent sunglasses look a bit special, and they are also suitable for wearing at night. They have excellent reflective effect and match with capable clothing, which makes them both handsome and sweet. Fashion comment: The petal-mounted mirror frame is full of imagination and inspiration. It will unknowingly attract the eyes of passers-by. The arc of the mirror allows the light to be fully reflected, making you look radiant. Fashion comment: The silhouette of dark-framed glasses can reduce the face shape, and the spray paint effect of the animal pattern doubles your sense of fashion and exudes a woman's original touch of sexy. Fashion comment: The shape of the water drop is generally the love of men's sunglasses. It is a must-have item for the US Air Force. Girls will have a neutral beauty when worn, which can instantly enhance their momentum. Fashion comment: The gradient mirror is a trendy style nowadays, and the one-line upper frame looks sporty, suitable for hippie dressing style, and clearly promotes liberalism. Fashion comment: This kind of frame is similar to the cross shape, which can enhance the heroic feeling of the eyebrows, and the hollow frames on both sides appear sexy and charming. Fashion comment: The combination of thinner metal frames and round glasses is full of nostalgia and modernity. The pale pink style looks sweet and full. Fashion comment: This all-black retro sunglasses has an old-fashioned British style, which can make you feel full of big names and very high-end. But if you don't feel that you have enough temperament, don't try such sunglasses easily, it is easy to show old age. Fashion comment: This type of sunglasses with oversized frame is a must-choice item for girls with small faces. It can enhance the sophistication of small faces. The gradual effect of the mirror brings a mysterious color.
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