Choose the right sunglasses, there is nowhere to hide eye diseases

u003cbru003eThe fast-paced life of modern people makes people do not have much time to take care of themselves, and even less attention to their health. There are many types of eye diseases, and you can get them if you are not careful. Even when you buy sunglasses, you may get eye diseases! So we need to know the skills of buying sunglasses, choose the right sunglasses, so that eye diseases have nowhere to hide. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C7 White/Colorful Purple Sunglasses Don’t be too heavy. American ophthalmologists say that once the weight of sunglasses exceeds 45 grams, they will over-press the temples, strain the cranial nerves, and cause intermittent headaches. This is 'sunglasses syndrome.' One of the common ones. If you feel that the headache always occurs when you wear sunglasses, it will automatically disappear within half an hour after you take them off, so you can immediately replace a pair of lightweight and compact sunglasses. The lens holders of the sunglasses are not too tight. Sunglasses have been worn for a long time. If you feel numbness in your upper jaw gums and sore upper incisors, the two lens holders are probably clamped too tightly. Go to the optical shop and ask someone to loosen the lens holder, or change to a pair of comfortable wide-rim glasses. A survey by German ophthalmologists found that the first signs of tight lens holders are mild numbness in the eye sockets or between the cheeks, and nose discomfort when breathing. After 2 hours or more, the pain will gradually spread to the mouth, causing you to have a toothache. . Don’t have dark sunglasses. If your eyes are dark black, they have better UV resistance than light brown or blue-brown eyes. At this time, if you choose dark purple or pure black sunglasses, your eyes will be over fatigued, which will cause vision loss for a long time. Korean ophthalmologists say that the lens colors for dark eyes of oriental women are light gray and light red. The color of sunglasses is not directly related to the effect of UV protection. Generally, dark gray and dark brown are better. Try not to use bright colors, which will cause fatigue to the eyes. Ray-Ban RB4242 unisex glasses frame 6201/13 brown sunglasses, don’t choose too cheap sunglasses. At present, there are many “sunglasses” on the market with a price between RMB 20 and RMB 50, and most consumers can buy these cheap sunglasses. In fact, most of the cheap 'sunglasses' don't have labels, and I don't know what brand it is or what manufacturer produces it. Industry and commerce law enforcement officials pointed out that such unlabeled 'sunglasses' are basically 'three nos' products without quality assurance. According to ophthalmologists, the medical function of sunglasses is to block strong ultraviolet rays. The damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is obvious, the lens density will increase in the early stage, and the lens will become cloudy and become cataracts in the later stage. At the same time, consumers are reminded not to buy sunglasses cheaply. The only ones that are cheap to buy are colored glasses, which not only cannot protect the eyes, but also damage the eyes.   Related reading: Sunglasses Sunglasses Brand
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