Common sense of buying and using sunglasses

u003cbru003e1. Consumers can simply distinguish the intrinsic quality of the lens through the following methods: 1. The power of the lens should meet the requirements for the plano lens, and there should be no optical defects that affect vision. A simple method of identification is to place' target='_blank'>sunglasses in front of your eyes, observe distant targets through the lenses, such as window frames or door frames, and then move the glasses up and down back and forth. The target should not be swayed or wave-shaped. You can also observe the image of the lamp tube on the surface of the sunglasses lens under a fluorescent lamp. Move the sunglasses to make the image of the lamp tube appear on different parts of the lens. It is better that the image of the lamp tube is not deformed. Currently, most of the polarized sunglasses on the market use 0.7mm thickness Due to the thinness of the resin polarized lens, it is easy to be deformed during assembly, so special attention should be paid when purchasing. 2. The color of the lens should not be biased and the color of the surrounding environment should not be distorted. Before wearing sunglasses, observe the red, green, and yellow objects first, then put on the sunglasses and observe the same object. The color of the two observations should not be color cast, otherwise it will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights. Special attention should be paid to the identification of sunglasses with colored lenses. 9105 Polarized Myopia Sunglasses Second, use common sense sunglasses to wear improperly, it is easy to suffer from eye diseases. It is not necessary to wear sunglasses on cloudy days and indoors. Regardless of the occasion, some people wear sunglasses, regardless of the intensity of the sun, even at dusk, evening, and when watching movies or TV. This will inevitably increase the burden of eye adjustment, cause tension and fatigue of the eye muscles, and reduce vision and vision. Objects are blurred, dizziness, dizziness, and inability to see for a long time in severe cases. Sunglasses are not suitable for babies and children whose visual system development is not perfect. Except for sunglasses with glass lenses, other sunglasses lens materials are not highly wear-resistant. Users should always pay attention to the surface of the sunglasses. When the wear affects the clarity, they should be replaced in time. One more thing is that when buying sunglasses, be sure to feel whether there is discomfort in the bridge of the nose. Related Reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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