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We often see that many street photographers like to wear a pair of sunglasses, although they wear different sunglasses, but each pair of exaggerated or simple shapes can just add a piece of beauty to them . These different styles of sunglasses actually have their own names. I will introduce them to you today! Recommended reading: The four popular sunglasses in 2018 are here. 1. Celebrity favorite: Wellington sunglasses are extremely popular among celebrities. The clean lines create a handsome and easy impression. They were popular in the 1950s. Its characteristics are: the mirror frame is close to a square, the lower part of the frame shrinks like a reversed trapezoid, and the upper left and right corners of the frame protrude a small part. The nose bridge of the sunglasses is on the same horizontal line or the same as the upper frame. The large-frame Wellington sunglasses are also a face-masking artifact. They do not have very high requirements on the face shape. Wearing them can not only modify the face shape, but also have a luxurious feeling, allowing you to become a street photographer in a second! You can walk in casual sports style, or match with shirts and trousers. Maybe, you and the fashionista are only one pair of sunglasses! 2. Cool motorcycle fan: aviator sunglasses The so-called aviator sunglasses are large-frame sunglasses with teardrop-like lenses. The characteristic is that the lens is like two teardrops. The frame material of this type of sunglasses is mostly metal, and the lens color is changeable, which is very cool. Aviator sunglasses are a classic style that is often talked about. Since Tom made Ray-Ban on fire, they are almost always handy, whether they are young or middle-aged, and the girls are even more handsome and fashionable when they wear them. The motorcycle-like teardrop sunglasses can be matched with sexy street style or light familiar style. Large lenses may make you stand out more. Nowadays, the colors of the lenses are also colorful, so you might as well try a variety of aviator sunglasses while you are young. 3. Retro style of literature and art: round sunglasses are similar to true round sunglasses, with a literary atmosphere. The cute and playful unique shape is also very popular with girls. Round sunglasses with a metal frame and laser color lenses look very retro. Even if it is a casual dress, paired with fashionable round sunglasses, it immediately becomes a celebrity! If you want to become a young literary girl, you can also give it a try! In addition to creating a sense of modernity, round-frame sunglasses are super versatile, because they can neutralize the contours of your face and make you look kinder and more intimate. 4. Fashionable Monroe: cat-eye sunglasses cat-eye sunglasses, because Marilyn Monroe often wears them, so they are also called Monroe sunglasses. This type of sunglasses has a frame on both sides, which resembles cat eyes. Cat-eye sunglasses can be said to be an unstoppable fashion trend. Its shape is exaggerated and retro, with a strong sense of fashion at the slightly raised ends. The colors of sunglasses are becoming more and more bold and the shapes are becoming more and more diversified. Different frames are matched with colored lenses. In the sunny days, with it, it can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also add a charm to the overall wear. Style, come and choose glasses! Related Reading: Fashion Sunglasses Sunglasses
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