Does myopia really miss sunglasses in summer?

u003cbru003eSummer is coming, the sun is so big when I go out, I can’t open my eyes, so annoying, really annoying.........I really envy those who are not nearsighted, they can do whatever they want Choosing the sunglasses you like can make your eyes cool in the hot summer, relax your mood, take beautiful photos, and show off your circle of friends. It’s a wonderful thing. Really envious! Recommended reading: Tips for using contact lenses outdoors, but I'm shortsighted! Sunglasses don’t have anything to do with me. Although I can wear a fashionable sunglasses and take off my myopia, it is a dream for myopic people. But for friends with myopia, summer driving, traveling and other outdoor activities . Sunglasses can also be worn for myopia, but you should choose the most suitable plan according to the actual situation. Several options are recommended for you to choose from. Option 1: Contact lenses + sunglasses Advantages: After wearing contact lenses, the world will be brighter, and you can choose the sunglasses you like at will. Disadvantages: There are trachoma, dry eye, contraindications to contact lenses, not suitable, contact lenses need to be removed every day, not suitable for fear of trouble, wearing contact lenses has strict requirements on hygiene, and it is not suitable for those who do not pay attention to hygiene. , It is not suitable for people who cannot master the wearing operation method independently. Suggestion: If you can wear contact lenses, but use less sunglasses, it is recommended to wear contact lenses with a shorter period of time, such as monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. This is economical and healthy. Solution 2 Myopia glasses + hanging clip is to hang the clip with the function of sunglasses on one's own myopia glasses to achieve the effect of shading. Advantages: When encountering a low-light environment, the clip can be removed or flipped up at any time, so that it will not be affected by the invisible. Disadvantages: 1. The chuck in the middle of the clip is very large, which affects the overall appearance. 2. The style and shape of the clip are limited. It is difficult to find a clip that can match the size of your glasses. 3 It is difficult to keep and easy to lose after removal. 4 If it does not match, the stability is not good and it is easy to tilt. Option 3 (recommended) Frame + color-changing lens Everyone knows that the lens color of sunglasses is fixed, and it is impossible to bear the same sun protection effect under the strong and weak sunlight at the same time. Different light needs different colored lenses. When the sun is big, dark-colored lenses are needed to provide better shading, and when the sun is weak, light-colored lenses are needed to ensure that the vision is not affected. Therefore, scientists invented the 'color changing lens.' Color-changing lenses are the most well-known lenses, and many people use them. Color-changing lenses have basic and film changes. Each has its own characteristics. They are currently used on the market and the effects are very good. The color-changing lenses can follow the strong ultraviolet rays. Weakly change the shade of the lens. It will change color under the sun, and the lens will become almost colorless when entering the room. Advantages: There are no strict requirements on the size and shape of the frame, suitable for people of different ages (except students). It can be worn all year round without being affected by light during the day and night. 100% UV protection, it is an ideal lens for protecting eyesight. It is suitable for people who travel for a long time and work outdoors for a long time. Old Yang Mingda glasses recommend using Mingyue, Kangmeida color changing lens, fast discoloration, deep discoloration, fast color reversion, stable performance, long service life, good reputation, low price, and it is used by thousands of customers. Disadvantages: Not suitable for students, because the students' eyes are in the developmental period and they are not suitable for colored lenses. The color-changing factor silver halide is added to the lens. The lens is thicker than the ordinary lens. If the power is higher, you can choose a lens with a higher refractive index, but the price is slightly higher. Option 4: (Recommended) With a pair of glasses with both myopia function and sunglasses function, two-in-one, commonly known as myopic sunglasses. The color can be dark or light, and the entire lens can be made into one color, or it can be made into a gradual color from top to bottom. Light colors will not be affected when you look closer. Gray, brown, dark green, red, purple...Dozens of colors are available for your choice. Really personalized customization. It can also be customized colorful and more fashionable. More suitable for young people's pursuit of cool. ??
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