Dog days teach you how to dress and wear glasses


In the blink of an eye, there will be many days in the abbot. Not only do we have to fight against the scorching sun, but also against the high temperature throughout the summer. Let the sunglasses help you cover the sun, and the fresh and cool clothing will help you sweep away the heat and show the goddess style. Hurry up and take a look at the following different styles of collocations, there is always one that will make your heart beat! 1. Cool, refreshing, hot summer, this is definitely a cool and beautiful collocation, dark green and white collocation is full of freshness, plus one Pairs of brown retro sunglasses will make your fresh look a big plus. Whether it's hanging out on the street or hanging out with friends, you can be noticed! 2. Cool and sexy This black and dark green main color tone is fashionable and sexy. A short top with a sling and a hip skirt, showing the perfect curve, coupled with a pair of dark green sunglasses, will definitely make you sexy and charming! 3. A cool ethnic style floral suspender shirt, a pair of denim shorts, casual personality, with The last pair of fashionable toad mirrors and a pair of gorgeous big earrings, the ethnic cool breeze is natural, comfortable and beautiful. 4. Cool and Cool Little Professions This set of black and white matching is simple and not simple, fashion and sexy coexist, with a pair of oversized frame sunglasses, the temperament is instantly doubled, and the image of the goddess is vividly displayed! It can not only show your body curve but also be a decent professional outfit. It is a perfect choice for normal work or meeting customers. In the hot dog days, don't let the hot weather degrade your taste. Choose a fashionable sunglasses that suits you, and wear a set of your own style to spend the hot summer beautifully. The picture comes from the Internet, if you want to delete it, please contact Related reading: Toad Mirror Fashion Sunglasses
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