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When buying sunglasses, you can't just look at fancy or cheap, you should put the quality of the glasses first. Gucci GG3635/N/F/S Women's Sunglasses Z96HD sunglasses with black outer and inner flower are originally a kind of protective equipment to prevent sun irritation and damage to the eyes. An ideal pair of sunglasses can reduce the irritation of strong light; see things clearly and without distortion; prevent ultraviolet rays; recognize color without distortion; can accurately identify traffic signals, etc. Among them, protecting the wearer's eyesight safety should be the most basic quality requirement for sunglasses. However, many consumers disagree. Ray-Ban RB3025-JM Men’s Sunglasses 146/32 White/Gray In fact, wearing sunglasses is very particular. Buying inferior sunglasses will not only damage your eyesight, but also cause symptoms such as eye swelling and blurred vision after wearing for a long time. It will cause slow visual response, illusion of color discrimination, etc., which can easily induce traffic accidents. According to a recent random inspection conducted by relevant departments, nearly 80% of sunglasses are of substandard quality on the market. Therefore, consumers can never ignore the quality problem when buying sunglasses. When buying sunglasses, there are two ways to identify and select: One is to see the product logo clearly, and pay attention to whether the glasses are marked with anti-ultraviolet function and impact resistance. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men’s Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Because not all sunglasses can protect against UV rays. If it is a sunglasses with “UV protection” function, there should be “100% UV protection” and “UV400” on the product label or on the front of the glasses. Mark the mark. If it is a sunglasses with 'impact resistanceAt the same time, these signs or instructions should be kept well, in case something goes wrong, only when there is a problem to ask the merchant for a statement, there is evidence to follow. The second is to observe the quality of the lens. When the sunglasses are placed in front of the eyes, observe the distance through the lens, move the glasses up and down, left and right, the target should not swing, and the lens color is stable. Looking out through the lens, the colors of the surrounding things are not distorted, and it has the ability to recognize different color signal lights. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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