Easy-to-remember sunglasses removal and maintenance tips

u003cbru003eThe temples of sunglasses are easily deformed, and the lenses are prone to scratches, which have always been troubles in the hearts of many sunglasses wearers. However, these problems can be effectively solved by keeping some small habits. It is just that many friends find it troublesome and do not implement them. Naturally, the maintenance of sunglasses will not be a habit for a long time, so most friends will only use sunglasses. It's so easy to be damaged, so let's take a look at easy-to-remember sunglasses removal and maintenance techniques. Recommended reading: What factors need to be considered when customizing myopia sunglasses, whether it is sunglasses or glasses, during the ordinary removal process, it will cause a lot of minor wear and damage to the frame. For example, it is a habit of many people to remove and wear sunglasses with one hand. Over time, it is very easy to cause the sunglasses to deform and loosen; at this time, you should develop the habit of holding the temples with your hands and removing the sunglasses from the front. These two ways of wearing sunglasses are not troublesome, but the latter is obviously more protective than the former. Gucci GG3675/S Women's Sunglasses Black Gold 4WHJJ and when the sunglasses are taken off, many people actually do not care about the folding of the temples, but the wrong folding order will also cause serious deformation of the sunglasses frame. The correct folding order should be First put away the left temple. In addition, many friends take off their sunglasses and leave them randomly without taking measures. This is also a major factor in the wear of sunglasses. The correct way is to wipe them with a dust-proof cloth and pack them, or pack them in a dust-proof bag. Place the lens facing up in the lens box. Do not place any other sharp or hard objects in the lens box to avoid scratching the lens frame. Finally, the sunglasses are prone to dust and grease, which can cause blurred vision. Therefore, many friends will randomly wipe with fingers or paper towels to save trouble, but this is very easy to cause damage to the sunglasses lens. The correct way is to wipe the dirt on the lens with a soft cloth (preferably a special cleaning cloth). If there is grit attached to the lens, rinse it with cool water first, and then dry it with a cloth. Never pick it up with your fingers. Ray-Ban RB3016 Men’s Sunglasses 1145/30 Other Sunglasses Maintenance Tips: 1. Do not put the sunglasses in water for a long time or expose to the sun; 2. Avoid putting the sunglasses in high temperature environment, because high temperature will cause the frame Severe deformation, as well as affecting the protection effect of the sunglasses lens on light, a common mistake is to put the sunglasses near the dashboard of the car; 3. Do not put the sunglasses directly in the handbag or handbag without any protection measures, because this is very It is easy to cause the sunglasses to be scratched. Recommended reading: Sunglasses when driving is not something you can wear casually Related reading: Sunglasses color sunglasses
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