Experts explain how to choose sunglasses in summer


Summer is here, the harmful rays of the sun not only burn our eyes, but it is also the culprit of senile cataract. It is very necessary to choose a pair of qualified sunglasses.   There are so many sunglasses on the market, how can we distinguish their functions and pros and cons? Dr. Shao reminds everyone: Choosing sunglasses, the fundamental thing is to ensure the safety of the wearer and protect the eyesight from damage, reduce the stimulation of strong light, see clearly without distortion, prevent ultraviolet rays, recognize colors without distortion, and accurately identify traffic signals.   There are many kinds of sunglasses in the family.   Colored lenses   is also called 'stained lenses'. In the lens manufacturing process, some chemicals are added to make the lenses appear colorful to absorb light of specific wavelengths. This is the type of lens commonly used in sunglasses.  Painted Lens  Its effect is the same as that of colored lenses, except that it is made in a different way. It is to paint the color on the surface of the lens, the color is darker on the top, and then gradually lighter down. Generally, they are mostly sunglasses with prescription.  Polarized lens  In order to filter the sun's dazzling rays in equal directions on the water, land or snow, a special vertical coating is added to the lens. Suitable for outdoor sports (such as marine activities, skiing or fishing).  Chromic lens    add appropriate amount of chemical substance to the lens, so that the originally transparent and colorless lens will turn into a colored lens when exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, which is also called 'photosensitive lens'. It is mainly used to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, especially in high-altitude areas with strong ultraviolet rays.  What color lens is good to choose   For different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect, which should be determined by the place of activity. Many sunglasses will indicate 1, 2, and 3 categories on the tag. This refers to the shade of the sunglasses lens. The darker the color, the higher the level, and the more obvious the sun is blocked.   There are many different lens colors, but brown and brown is a good choice. Brown absorbs evenly to any color spectrum and has good color perception. There will be no chromatic aberration in the scene, but it will only darken, and the color can be clearly distinguished. The brown color can filter a lot of blue light, improve the visual contrast and clarity, even if the light is dazzling, you can see the details of the object clearly, and it is better to wear it under severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Blue-gray lenses and gray lenses are both neutral lenses and have higher absorption rate of visible light; sunglasses with blue lenses and dark green lenses should not be worn while driving; light blue and light pink lenses are more decorative than practical Sex; yellow lenses can provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles; mercury lenses are suitable for outdoor sports people. Doctor    specially reminded: When choosing sunglasses, you should not only pay attention to its decoration, but also pay attention to its protective function for eyes. When buying a product, you should ask for the complete package and keep it in good condition. This is the manufacturer's commitment to product performance. Meng Lingjia Palace Dandan
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