Five coups to distinguish the authenticity of Ray-Ban sunglasses


Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is a pilot-specific goggles developed by Bausch u0026 Lomb commissioned by the US Air Force. It is famous for absorbing the most sunlight, dissipating the least heat, and maintaining good clear vision. Now Ray-Ban sunglasses can be said to have become a fashion product and are popular all over the world. However, as the well-known Ray-Ban glasses, there are more and more imitations, and the counterfeiting methods are constantly updated. How to distinguish the authenticity of Ray-Ban glasses has become a common concern. Today, the editor will teach you five coups to distinguish the authenticity of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB3016 Unisex Sunglasses W0366  1. Look at the packaging    Genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses box imitations. The biggest difference in packaging is reflected in the strips and labels. The barcode of the genuine package is a 'three-segment barcode' and has an authorized tag; the label of the genuine package exists independently, and the label of the non-genuine product will hang on the eyes, and the size is not uniform. At the same time, the authentic glasses cloth looks better, and the logo on it is clear. The imitation glasses cloth is smaller in size, and the texture is rough to the touch. In contrast, the logo word is larger than the genuine one.  2. Look at the price/look at the LOGO  The price of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses is generally more than 1,000 yuan, and the Ray-Ban logo of 'RAY-BAN' is printed on the upper right corner of the right lens, and it is printed in a circle shape. The right lens of genuine Ray-Ban glasses is also printed with the Ray-Ban logo 'RB' (except for one-piece lenses). In the case of sunglasses with plastic frames, white or black Ray-Ban logos are printed on the inner sides of the left and right temples, as well as the code and origin of the processing factory, such as MADE IN XXX. The fake Ray-Ban LOGO will not be printed so comprehensively and fully standardized, regardless of the frame or lens. Ray-Ban RB3537 Men's Sunglasses 004/55 Gun/Colorful Blue    3. Look at the workmanship    From the workmanship to distinguish the authenticity, first look at the pile head. The cut surface of the genuine pile head is very smooth and clean. Secondly, we need to look at the welding parts. The welding parts of genuine glasses are neat and even. They look very delicate, clean and smooth. We basically can't see the welding points. On the contrary, the welding parts of fake glasses are very rough. In addition, in order to reduce scratches, the screws in the Ray-Ban glasses and the screws in the buckle are covered with glue.  4. Look at the lettering on the metal frame    The lettering on the frame of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses should be milled and pressed by a precision mold. Even if you look at it with a magnifying glass, there is no roughness. The imitation intaglio is relatively rough, and the depth of the intaglio is also different, and the overall lack of refinement.  5. Look at the welding position of the metal bracket  The joints of the metal brackets of genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses are welded smoothly, neatly, smoothly and well-proportioned. However, the welding workmanship of imitation sunglasses often fails to meet this requirement. Careful observation of the welding place will reveal unevenness or rough solder joints. Ray-Ban RB3541 Men’s Sunglasses 003/8G Silver/Gray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses were created in the 1930s. Together with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and ZIPPO lighters, they are a symbol of American culture. 'Ray' means light, and 'Ban' means blocking. As a leader in the high-end glasses industry, the legend of Ray-Ban glasses has been interpreted for 86 years. Ray-Ban glasses represent unchanging persistence and advocating freedom, and have been favored by consumers for many years. The classic fashion shape and high-quality materials have become the characteristics of Ray-Ban glasses. Relying on the perfect ergonomic design, it makes you more comfortable to wear. Therefore, if you have a soft spot for Ray-Ban sunglasses, you must be familiar with a few coup ways to distinguish Ray-Ban sunglasses. Related reading: Ray-Ban sunglasses popular sunglasses
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