Five makeup tips to help you get rid of the title of four-eyed girl


How to make-up to make your eyes shine through the glass? Many myopic MMs are confused about not knowing the focus of eye makeup. The editor will now share with you some special makeup techniques that will let you get rid of the title of 'four-eyed girl' and become a beautiful girl with glasses. Tip 1: Makeup simple! Because the frames and lenses add extra content to the face, our eye makeup must be relatively simple and simple. Whether you have single eyelids or double eyelids, the secret to enlarging your eyes is thicker eyeliner and thick, curled eyelashes. I suggest you try eyeliner with liquid or soft refill, and draw the eyeliner from the root of the eyelashes. The thick and thick lines drawn in this way will make your eyes expand. In addition, due to the reflective effect of the lens, It will accordingly weaken the traces of the eyeliner. Technique 2: Eyeshadow using the same color system. In the choice of eye shadow color, it is best to choose the same color system. Too rich eye shadow color will weaken the image of the eyes. Also remember not to choose lotus root, light purple, light pink, light blue eye shadow, because they will aggravate the feeling of convex eyeballs. Generally speaking, brown and pearly brown are safe choices. When making up, you can use dark coffee eye shadow on the edge of the upper eyelid, and then slowly transition to under the eyebrow, and then use the same color eye shadow, changing from dark to light to enlarge the eyes, the effect is very good! Three: Focus on the eyes and conceal the blemish. The frame has made your eyes the focal point, so of course, the concealer on the eyes is indispensable. Especially the concealer of dark circles is particularly important. Brown dark circles should be concealed with yellow, and cyan dark circles should be concealed with orange. It is not acceptable to just take a concealer stick to cover the dark circles. You should choose the matching concealer color and the color and color mixture according to the different types of dark circles to really cover the dark circles. Tip 4: Be sure to use an eyelash curler! Eyelash curler can be said to be a magic weapon for myopic beauties to enlarge their eyes. Before applying mascara, please remember to use the eyelash curler first, starting from the root of the eyelashes. When applying mascara, first apply it repeatedly in a 'Z' shape across the roots of the eyelashes, and then gently brush the eyelashes to make the roots appear thicker. At the same time, in order to increase the curvature of the eyelashes, clip once before applying mascara and again after applying mascara, so that your eyelashes can be curled. But it should be noted that if your own eyelashes are very long, you may encounter the situation that you may easily touch the lens after applying mascara, which will blur your vision, so choose according to your own situation. Tip 5: Eyelashes do not need to be modified too much. For eyelashes, eyelashes do not need to be modified too much. If you have already applied eyeliner, it is recommended not to use black mascara, which will make the eyes appear too heavy. Generally speaking, brown is more appropriate, because it can give people a gentle and gentle impression. After applying mascara on your eyelashes, remember to comb it clean, otherwise if there are small spots or clumps, they will be exaggerated and enlarged by the lens, which will affect the appearance. Related reading: Trendy glasses frame glasses styles
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