Four questions you should pay attention to before choosing sunglasses

u003cbru003eChoose a fashionable and practical sunglasses, which can not only block the dazzling sun rays when you go out and travel, but also a must-have item for fashionable people with outstanding shapes. But do you know what issues you should pay attention to before choosing sunglasses? 1 Can everyone wear sunglasses? The answer is no, because people with certain eye diseases will have the opposite effect on wearing sunglasses. For example, people suffering from angle-closure glaucoma wearing sunglasses can induce glaucoma; color blindness and night blindness wearing sunglasses can significantly reduce vision; children under 6 years of age are in the developmental stage of visual function, wearing sunglasses can cause amblyopia; cataracts and fundus diseases can cause low vision It is recommended not to wear sunglasses. In addition, it is not recommended for the elderly to wear sunglasses, because the light will become dark and dangerous. On the contrary, some people must wear: intraocular lens placement after cataract surgery, pupil dilation due to certain eye diseases, people engaged in skiing or mountain adventure sports, and drivers, in order to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, it is best to wear sunglasses. 2 Can myopia and sunglasses have both? Patients with myopia need to consider the diopter when choosing sunglasses. Low or moderate myopia can wear ordinary and non-diopter sunglasses without affecting safety, while high myopia (above 600 degrees) Patients need to wear sunglasses with diopter to be safe. 3 What are the primary considerations when choosing sunglasses? Sunglasses should be selected according to their functions. Sunglasses can be divided into polarizers, sun visors, and sports mirrors. Polarizing lens: Drivers and fishing enthusiasts recommend choosing a polarizing lens, which can eliminate glare from all directions and make objects look clearer. Shading lens: Shading lens can selectively filter harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays, while allowing other visible light to pass through the lens as much as possible, suitable for patients with macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and excimer surgery. Sports mirrors: The frames of sports mirrors are specially made, suitable for skiing and mountaineering people. Before wearing sunglasses, it is recommended that the general population consult a professional ophthalmologist and choose sunglasses with anti-ultraviolet logos to avoid unnecessary harm. 4 What color sunglasses are best for you? There are various lens colors. For eye health considerations, medium-deep gray and brown are the best. The choice of lens color should be based on the principle that the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted, the edge of the object is clear, and the signal lights of different colors can be effectively identified. Gray lenses can evenly absorb any color spectrum, and the scene seen after wearing the lenses will only darken without obvious chromatic aberration; brown lenses can filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. In severe air pollution or It works well under foggy conditions. The color of the mirror worn by the driver should not be too dark, otherwise it will delay the transmission of the visual signal to the brain, resulting in distortion of the sense of speed and making the driver make a wrong judgment. It is recommended to wear a pair of brown sunglasses. The above are the four questions you should pay attention to before choosing sunglasses. If you are interested in the style and color of sunglasses, you can also read 'How to Choose Fashion Sunglasses in 2017' and 'Which Color to Choose Sunglasses'. Related Reading: The Choice of Sunglasses Sunglasses Color
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