Glamour glasses makeup of office worker women


Office workers usually feel that they are very rigid and have no energy from 9 to 5 every day, but as a woman, we must maintain a positive heart at all times and learn to take care of ourselves and dress ourselves. Only in this way can we live beautifully. If you are a glasses girl, you might as well take a look at these glasses makeup~ bright color glasses frame      2167 red C6 plate trendy size neutral myopia frame to create deep eye sockets is an important step to enlarge the eyes. Focus on eye makeup to set off the frame to make the face more three-dimensional, with berry-colored lip makeup, highlighting the noble retro temperament of women. 1. When drawing eyebrows, pay attention to the curvature of the upper edge of the glasses frame must match the shape of the eyebrows. It does not need to be completely overlapped, just roughly similar. 2. The smoky eye makeup reflects the capable side of women. Compared with black or gray smoky, khaki is more gentle and fashionable. Choose products with metallic luster. The upper eyelid lengthens the tail of the eye, the corners and tail of the eye are deepened, and the middle of the eyelid creates a smart luster. 3. Outline the inner eyeliner and emphasize the eye contour. 4. Choose khaki eyeshadow for the lower eyelid. You can add some gray-purple eyeshadow a little, and use a small brush to outline the line. Macaron glasses      FB0032 Unisex glasses frame C05 pink macaron glasses are colorful, like honey-like colors. Such delicate colors and vibrant makeup can definitely make people more sunny, and it can also increase the favorability! 1. Use pearlescent liquid foundation to increase the texture of the skin, and use the contour powder to modify the face The makeup gives a three-dimensional look to the face. 2. Use brown eyeshadow to blend on the upper eyelid to emphasize the eye contour. 3. Choose an orange blush, avoid being covered by eyes at a slightly lower position, and strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the face. 4. In order to match the overall makeup, you can also choose orange lipstick to modify your lips to match the overall makeup texture. The lipstick must choose glaze texture lipstick, so that it can be in harmony with the whole. Classic black-frame glasses for men and women, casual and generous fashion, thin sheet plate full-frame myopia glasses FB5030C01 black and moderate black frame glasses are definitely a versatile model for makeup. At this time, it is better to work hard on the eyeliner and extend the eyeliner and eye tail by 5mm and wear it. The glasses are absolutely perfect. If you are short on time, in fact, brushing your eyelashes can save you the attention of the street! 1. Simple and capable nude makeup, with a black frame, is slightly soft and intellectual. 2. For eye makeup, use gray eyeshadow with thick false eyelashes or apply dark mascara. 3. Since the lens has the effect of narrowing the eyes, it will make the eyes appear smaller, so dark eyeliner should be used and stretched 5mm at the end of the eye to expand the eyes. Related reading: Seiko glasses frame for myopia glasses
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