Glasses frames can also convey visual culture

u003cbru003eVisual culture is actually a relatively advanced subject. One of its notable features is to visualize things that are not visual in themselves. The online understanding of visual culture is more expressed through history and academics, and the editor believes that anything can convey visual culture, whether it is books, movies, even the glasses that are usually worn on the face. . Books are an indispensable thing in our lives. The content of the previous books may be relatively boring, mostly written in words, but now many popular reading materials are no longer presented in the form of simple words, but are supplemented by many illustrations. Even academic works that were originally purely written in science, culture, history, etc. have also been illustrated. Blockbuster movies are no longer made for the purpose of producing exquisite plots, full character images, and profound ideological significance. They are more for good-looking and therefore strive to create a visual feast for the audience. Even glasses can convey visual culture. In Hong Kong, there is a store called Visual Culture, which has always regarded fashion life as its taste, bringing together avant-garde glasses from all over the world. In the new season, Visual Culture continues to collect famous eyewear items from the United States, Japan, Italy, and France to Hong Kong, including popular brands such as Yohji Yamamoto, MOSCOT, and BOSTON CLUB, which demonstrate their unique fashion styles through different designs and manual skills. Related Reading: Seiko Glasses Women's Sunglasses
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