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The hot summer is coming, and the sales of sunglasses are getting higher and higher. Many friends have begun to prepare sunglasses, but do you know how to maintain sunglasses? In fact, maintaining sunglasses is also very important. Very squeamish, the life of expensive glasses will be shorter without proper maintenance methods! Of course, after maintenance, they will naturally last longer and look like new ones. Ray-Ban RB4175 Men’s Sunglasses 878/51 Tortoiseshell Silver/Tea should be worn carefully. When wearing glasses, please grasp the temples with both hands and remove them from the front. Wearing glasses with one hand will easily cause deformation and loosening. And it is not advisable to hang the sunglasses on the top of the head when wearing, so as not to damage the hook. Careful maintenance of sunglasses, try not to get sweat, perfume, beauty products, insect repellents, medicines or paints and other chemical-containing items. It will not only damage the lens, but also discolor or deform the frame. If the glasses are stained with these items, they should be cleaned in time. Sunglasses remind you that there is a knack for maintaining sunglasses. Generally, when folding the frame, gently fold it from the left temple first. If it is hard to fold it from the right first, it will cause the frame itself to be unbalanced and skewed, causing it to be worn. After uncomfortable. The cleaning needs to be correct. If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, you can use the soft cotton cloth in the special accessories or special lens cleaning paper to remove the dust or dirt on the lens. After wiping, always use lens cleaner to clean it. Never use your nails to remove spots on the lens. If there is grit on the lens, please rinse it with water, and then wipe it dry with a cloth or paper for glasses. Ray-Ban RB3538 Unisex Sunglasses 189/55 blue gun/blue lens need to be placed properly when the sunglasses are not worn, many people will hang it on the head, collar or pocket easily. At this time, the body movement range should not be too large to avoid pulling Broken or crashed. When not wearing the sunglasses, please carefully remove the sunglasses and wipe them, put them in the glasses bag and store them properly. Do not store them with hard or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lens or finish. When placing the glasses, fold the glasses and put the mirror surface. Face up, avoid lens facing down. When bathing, sauna or sea bathing, the glasses should be kept properly to avoid corrosion of the glasses caused by moisture or sea water. If you put the glasses on the table, do not make the convex surface of the lens contact with the table, so as to prevent the mirror surface from being worn. The glasses remind you not to leave your sunglasses in a high temperature environment for a long time. For example, if you leave sunglasses on the dashboard of the car, the sunglasses lens may be wrinkled due to heat, and the sun frame may be deformed if the temperature is too high, especially plastic. Hardly framed sunglasses are heat resistant. Later, let us take a look at those outdated classic sunglasses. If you don’t buy well, this is a good reference~ u003cbru003e
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