Glasses soft girl makeup tutorial

u003cbru003eAlthough many girls don't like wearing glasses, making good use of glasses is actually a good helper for matching! For example, the black-framed white-legged glasses frame recommended by the editor today, draw a beautiful Japanese makeup, a proper soft girl. The first step before makeup is of course to prepare the things to be used~ 1. Luo Shenshi Rose Water 2. Sekkisei BB3. KATE Three-dimensional Eyeshadow 4. Lancome Artist Liquid Eyeliner 5. False Eyelashes 6. Alice House Eyebrow Pencil 7. Lancome After the love lip glaze, you can wash your face and apply toner on your face. After the toner is absorbed, you can apply BB cream. These editors will not go into details. Next, let's talk about how to apply eye makeup. This eyebrow pencil from Etude House is outstanding from coloring to pen tip. It mainly comes with a brush, which can comb the shape of the eyebrows and make the eyebrows more natural. The eye shadow part uses the popular KATE three-dimensional eye shadow BR-3, which is a more versatile earth color. This color can win no matter whether it is light makeup or European and American makeup, the delicate powder will not appear flying powder. Next is the lip gloss, I chose the more pink and jelly-like Lancome love lip glaze. The saturation and durability are good, and the lips look particularly full and plump, adding a soft girl's lovely atmosphere. How about it, are you all ready to move? Do you want to have a beautiful Japanese soft girl makeup? Take action now! By the way, glasses are indispensable for this makeup look. I would like to recommend two suitable glasses frames for everyone. Ray-Ban Unisex plate alloy RB5313D2000 black glasses Sagawa Fujii 62010C6 trendy plate alloy full frame large size unisex black myopia frame glasses Related reading: Polarized Sunglasses Ports Glasses
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