How about Armani sunglasses?

u003cbru003eArmani was born in Italy in 1975. Armani's men's and women's clothing styles are simple suits with perfect neutral tailoring. No matter what time or occasion, there is no unsuitability or fading problem. It comes from all over the world. The supporters are even cross-professional and cross-age. In addition to clothing, Armani has other accessories. Glasses are one of them. Whether it is a spectacle frame or sunglasses, they all reflect the word exquisite. Today, let’s take a look at how Armani sunglasses are. The characteristics of Armani sunglasses Armani sunglasses are the representative of exquisite quality and noble luxury, as well as the representative of the fashion mirror industry. They pay attention to the details and reflect the noble temperament. It can block strong light and other harmful light, giving the best care to the eyes. The unique style design also highlights the different temperaments and tastes of the wearers. Many celebrities and celebrities in the show business are very fond of Armani glasses. But its price is relatively expensive, and it is classified as a luxury brand in the eyes of many people. How to distinguish the authenticity of Armani sunglasses 1. Each product is equipped with a certificate of authenticity, instructions, glasses case and glasses cloth 2. The frame material has an excellent polished surface compared with traditional thermoplastics, which will produce a unique magic color Ze, and also more tough, not easy to deform. 3. Most lenses use multi-layer filters, which can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Some large-frame style lenses use ultra-thin microcrystalline technology in the lenses, so that the irregularly shaped lenses can be perfectly combined with the frame. The polarization angle and radian of the lens are designed according to the principle of precision optics, which provides the maximum field of view while avoiding vertigo. 4. Ultraviolet light (small currency detector lamp, and devices that can generate ultraviolet rays) can be used to illuminate the ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting mark on the RMB through the lens of the glasses. If the RMB ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting mark is not visible, it means that the glasses can be 100% anti-ultraviolet, and vice versa. Does not have UV protection. 5. The left temple is marked with the origin, model, and color code from the end of the temple. Related reading: Armani men's glasses frame Armani glasses frame
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