How about dolphin sunglasses?

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-29
u003cbru003eIn the fashion capital of Hong Kong, a dolphin in Ocean Park jumped forward and inspired the birth of a fashion eyewear brand, this is PORPOISE. The dolphin, which symbolizes spirituality and dynamism, is full of vitality, personality, advocates freedom, and is used for challenges: capture fashion with your own touch and see the world in a unique way. PORPOISE is an international young' target='_blank'>sunglasses brand with urban vitality as the eternal theme. Dolphin PORPISE sunglasses is an international brand that is moving towards the world's leading fashion. The use of popular materials and fashionable design styles make PORPISE quickly succeed in the European and American markets and become a fashion eyewear brand with a large sales volume in Europe and the United States. Currently, 65% of its products are exported. At the same time, dolphin glasses products have also passed ISO9001 certification, and have been awarded as qualified products under national supervision and random inspection for 5 consecutive years and have been awarded a well-known trademark in China. How about dolphin sunglasses? Dolphin sunglasses are meticulously designed by senior domestic designers in fusion of domestic and foreign fashion trends. The design style emphasizes both classics and avant-garde styles. It is full of contemporary and individuality, making it stand out in the fashion trend and refreshing. a feeling of. In addition, the dolphin sunglasses lens adopts high-tech vacuum plating processing, which can effectively block electromagnetic waves and effectively avoid the lesions in the eye tissue; it has different penetration and absorption functions for different light, anti-reflection, anti-glare, and makes users wear After wearing it, the vision is clear and natural.
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