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u003cbru003eSince its establishment, the Domina brand has been focusing on the design of women's sunglasses and is committed to bringing beauty to more women. Domina advocates a positive, independent and self-confident brand concept, and designs each product carefully, and is more professional because of focus. Using high-quality processing technology, the pursuit of a more perfect wearing effect. With the goal of 'satisfying the comfort of wearing glassesProduct features: The use of advanced lens design technology will show the details in each processing process, making the glasses more comfortable to wear. ·Professional anti-radiation function, which effectively isolates the dull ultraviolet rays on the skin, protects the eyes from the scorching sun, wear it safely and enjoy summer. Simple and generous, showing fashion in simple design, let you radiate charm this summer. A variety of color options make the scenery around your eyes more charming. Domina glasses product series, elegant, noble series, noble and mysterious series, are designed for noble and mature women, with steady colors as the main tone, focusing on a sense of fashion while embodying excellent quality. Style: Noble, confident and elegant. The frame is made of sheet material, with various colors and crystal clear colors. The connection between the frame and the temples shows a mature design sense. The low-key luxury starts with simplicity. Choose Domina's noble and mysterious series, and the new transformation starts from this moment. Youth vitality series Youth is capital, youth can control everything. Domina's youthful vitality series uses different design styles to present the same youth fashion. Streamlined design meets changeable colors and enjoy colorful summer. Style: sunshine, vitality, casual sheet metal frame embellished with metal patterns, fine craftsmanship to ensure a comfortable wearing feeling, natural colors add vitality. Gentle Time series has soft and smooth lines, natural and simple colors, and its quiet and elegant design style implicitly reveals its unique personality. The simple lines outline a different summer landscape, and the cool breeze is blowing, and you can enjoy this summer comfortably. Style: Gentle, quiet, smart and cool sheet frame, transparent lenses, all simple designs, produce a not simple effect. The Domina Gentle Time series is designed for the gentle you. Related reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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