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u003cbru003eSince its establishment in 1913, Prada, a well-known Italian high-quality brand, has a high reputation and reputation in the upper class of Italy, and is a better choice brand for upper class consumption. Its products are numerous. Among them, Prada sunglasses have become popular consumer products with their unique design and high-end quality. Today, Xiaobian recommends a pair of sunglasses designed by Prada Xiangyun. Sunglasses PR27NS1AB3M1 Black Market Price: ¥2113 Price: ¥1517 Save Now: ¥596 This black retro ladies sunglasses follows the usual line of Prada sunglasses, with strong feminine beauty. The frame made of plate material is combined with the retro round frame design, showing the youthful beauty in fashion and elegance; the lens made of pc material is light and comfortable while bringing out the great charm of the wearer’s eyes, giving people a completely new feeling; and retro The auspicious cloud flower design, streamlined design, sexy and fashionable. In addition, Prada's unique logo design on the temples always shows the wearer's big-name style. Experts remind you that the photochromic lens should not be left under strong light for a long time, otherwise the discoloration effect will be worse, and the use time will be shortened at the same time. Wearing discoloration and invalid sunglasses for a long time will cause damage to our eyes.
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