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u003cbru003eThe Italian brand Prada was founded in Milan in 1913. The unique talent of Miuccia Prada lies in the unremitting pursuit of new ideas, a combination of curiosity and cultural interest in knowledge, thus opening up the path of pioneering. She can not only predict fashion trends, but also lead fashion trends. Prada provides men's and women's clothing, leather goods, shoes, glasses and perfume, and provides tailor-made services. Today, the Prada brand still enjoys a high evaluation in the upper class of Italy. Prada sunglasses also implement its quality, allowing people to enjoy extraordinary enjoyment. Let’s take a look at how Prada sunglasses are! Prada sunglasses design: Prada Prada unisex, this unisex style sunglasses, double beams Design, beautiful lines, both men's strong characteristics, but also women's gentle characteristics, the perfect fusion of the two, a unique flavor. The metal frame with black temples and progressive lenses not only have the characteristics of brief and gorgeous, but also show the avant-garde classic style. Material: Prada sports style, sports black plate glasses sunglasses, made of high-end wear-resistant plates, with excellent texture and luster, very high-end. This type of sunglasses has a simple design and is similar in design to ordinary sports glasses. The curvature of the temples is perfect and can fit well on the ears. The design of the whole pair of glasses is full of the strong characteristics of athletes, and the lines are rigid and soft, suitable for neutral people. Prada's performance is mainly attributed to its design and modern life style. It is not only in terms of materials, colors and styles, but the life philosophy behind its design coincides with modern people's dual mentality of pursuing practicality and popular beauty. Achieving a perfect balance between function and aesthetics is not only a display of fashion trends, but also a high standard of modern aesthetics. Related reading: Glasses Prada glasses
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