How about Ray-Ban sunglasses?

u003cbru003eRay-Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban sunglasses were born from the distress of an American Air Force lieutenant. In 1923, when the lieutenant flew a small plane across the Atlantic Ocean, he was deeply troubled by the strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Based on this, in 1930, Bausch u0026 Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses that can absorb more sunlight, emit less heat, and maintain good clear vision. In addition to the good protective function of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the designer has made the design of its shape and style more prominent the military temperament of the rugged and heroic. Features of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses: ⒈Super visual clarity: The lens has an average curvature, does not deform, and is comfortable to wear for a long time, which can prevent eye fatigue and headaches. ⒉High color stability: No matter how long the lens is exposed to sunlight, it will not change color or lighten. ⒊Precision polishing sheet: The lens has been polished on the fine surface and has super optical clarity. ⒋Scratch resistance: The natural hardness of the glass can effectively prevent scratches and make the glasses more durable. ⒌Impact resistance: In order to protect the eyes, each pair of lenses has undergone a 5/8 inch steel ball drop impact test to ensure its impact resistance. ⒍Ultraviolet protection: block harmful ultraviolet rays, strengthen the protection of the eyes, and prevent eye injuries caused by sunlight and snow radiation. ⒎Isolate other harmful light: Isolate infrared rays to keep the eyes cool and comfortable, Isolate blue light to enhance color contrast, and make the field of vision more clear. The shape is rugged and unrestrained, with good eye protection. Ray-Ban’s excellence has attracted the admiration of many celebrities in the world, as early as the five-star US military general MacArthur, Uranus Michael Jackson, superstar David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Juliet Roberts, Hilton, Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Liming, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung , Huang Rihua, Ren Xianqi, etc. are all fans of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Related reading: Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses
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